Jennifer Cap

Like last year, I gave my students an incentive that if they completed all of their work for the entire year (no missing assignments) and had good behavior, that I would crochet them something.  The only differences between last year's incentive and this one's is that unlike last year where I crocheted whatever they wanted, this year I'm crocheting only hats AND although I have asked for color choices, we decided that their hats would be made from my yarn stash. 

I'm actually making a little more than I will need because I want students to have some options.  This year I only need 10 hats.  Tsk tsk  So far I have 8 completed.  Some were from the store and some were made recently.  This one was finished last night.  When I get pictures of the other newest ones, I'll upload those too.

" Jennifer Cap" pattern from Leisure Arts' Quick Caps booklet.


  1. this is an awesome hat, I love it!

  2. What a kind idea! Bet your students love you ;)

  3. Too bad this year only 10 of them completed their assignments. This hat is gorgeous, lucky girl the one who is getting it!

  4. a great idea....I love hats..:)


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