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Immediately after receiving my swap package from Gloria, I decided to crochet the beanie hat from the pattern that she also sent.  My only real modification was to accentuate the hat with a crocheted flower.  The center of the flower is a colorful button that I already had.

Although I made this hat earlier, I took this picture today because it was sunny enough to take quickly.  If you catch any glimpses of fatigue on me, it is because on yesterday I went on an amazing field trip to Charleston, SC with my grade level.  We left at 4:30 a.m. and returned by 11:30 p.m.  And, we were ready for school/work on today!  Needless to say, I'll be going to bed early tonight.

Anyhoo, the best volunteer in the world attended the trip with us.  On the bus, she began sneaking out presents to us.  (She's amazing like that!)  You know what mine was?  Two skeins of 100% variegated wool yarn.  Don't know where she found it, but it's made in Chile.  It's definitely too hot for this weather, but a joy to think about for the cooler months.  I wonder what it would look like felted.  Thanks, Mary!

I did not solicit this beautiful yarn, and I have no problems with adding it to the stash!  lol

Even though it rained off and on during the entire field trip, I was so pleased to purchase one thing for myself that I really wanted as a souvenir.  And that was a bag.  I absolutely love hobo style bags and ethnic printed fabrics!!!

Isn't this bag just gorgeous?

I better stop myself while I'm ahead.  I don't want any "I'm so tired that my words become jibberish" going on.  However, if you're just curious about what we saw on the field trip, click here to catch a few pictures, learn more about it and such.


  1. your hat looks awesome, the flower is such a nice touch.
    I love the bag you purchased, it's beautiful!

  2. The beanie turned out great Libby! Love the color!

    No sun here today. 45 and way too windy to go out. The heater will kick in tonight, again. The mountains north of the house got snow again, white out conditions. I don't think we will have spring this year.

  3. your beanie is lovely Libby, you are so fast in making things!
    Your field trip sounded like lots of fun, and that bag you purchased is fantastic!

  4. Cute hat Libby, and love the color.

  5. Hello Libby,

    Oh I was hoping you'd make a hat with that yarn. Your hat and scarf projects are my absolute FAVORITE of your crochet work.

    Congratulations on your purchase!

    Sweet dreams!

    Kind regards.

  6. Cute hat, it has a Hello Kitty air on it - don't ask why, that's what came to my mind. lol

    I love that bag, it's totally my style! Great purchase.

    Let's see what will those two skeins become next winter. That's it, if you can wait. ;-)

  7. Gloria sent beautiful yarn and you did a beautiful job with it!

  8. It's beautiful, so colorful. The flower adds just the right touch.

  9. Your hat look fantastic and you look great in pink! I too love hobo bags, I love that bag, I am inspired now to make one,,,,,,yeah with all my spare time. lol

  10. Lovely hat and I love this bag!! It's perfect.


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