A Box of Smiles

Last week I was steeping some green tea the leaves in my coffee maker.  Granted, this is the coffee maker I've had since college so it's pretty old.  Well, now it's dead.  When I pushed the "on" button, sparks flew out and as a result all the sockets in my kitchen were gone, except the one where the stove was plugged in.  Thank goodness!  Well, on yesterday, the electrician came over and fixed/replaced wires and sockets in my kitchen and fixed the bathroom.  I didn't mention that the power was out on one wall - the one with the vanity lights and one socket.  I was just glad to have it done even though I had to part with more cash. Don't you just love unexpected bills?  *sigh*

But on the bright side, while he was fixing the electrical issues, I was in my craft room slowly opening a package that I received that very day.  With every fold of the colorful tissue papers inside, I knew the electrician could hear my squeals of delight.  I received African Rooibos tea (just recently discovered it and L-O-V-E it!), ginger candy (can't wait to try it), packages of sunflower and butterfly flower seeds (have wanted a butterfly garden for a while now), a journal (you all know I love to write), and a skein of variegated laceweight yarn (never worked with laceweight before).  I was so surprised and it took the sting out of a long, hard day!

Thanks, Nichole!  You rock!!!
Coffee Image source: http://www.officespresso.com/images/burning__coffee_pot.jpg


  1. I agree, unexpected "bills" stink. But look at the awesome package you got! We've gone through our share of coffee pots here. We just use it for tea also. No coffee for us.

  2. wow...that did turn out to be a good day...a butterfly garden would be in my wish list as well....I hope you gets lots of them...
    yuk to unexpected bills...

    have a great weekend..:) enjoy your tea...

  3. Hi Libby,

    Wise girl. It's wise to see the "blessings" in adversities, even though sometimes they might not "seem" so at the time. It's what helps get one through their rough times.


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