What's My Name?

Well, now it's time to start tallying the suggestions for the new business name.  I'm placing a poll of several varations of name choices on my blog and ask that you make your vote.  I will go ahead and say that I'm totally in love with the tagline suggested by Nichole:  "inspired artistry in photography and the fiber arts".  So imagine that tagline underneath your business name choice.

A big thanks to everyone for contributing to the new me, both from and outside of the blog world.  Now, let's vote!


  1. Thanks for the blog award Libby and as soon as I find some time I'll share the love too!

    Answer to your question: I use felt for the features and embroidery floss. I just cut the shape and take tiny stitches around the edge to secure.

    I love the new tagline and will leave my vote for the new name.

  2. Hey Libby, Thank you for the award, I will post it soon.

  3. Hi Libby,

    I voted, but, in all honesty I think you should choose the name you really want(the one you mentioned). I mean your the one putting all of the effort/time into your business.

    Just my opinion. It's nice though that you value others opinions though and I'm sure that they will appreciate that.


  4. Hi Libby,

    It's me again, just wanted to point out, the option you mentioned in this post, "Inspired Artistry in Photography and the Fiber Arts" isn't included in the voting options. Just thought you might want to know.

  5. I voted! I'm sorry in the end I couldn't provide you with a suitable name. Kreative Elements is very suggesting and versatile in my opinion.
    Let's see which one is the "winner"!

  6. @ Anonymous: the part about "inspired artistry..." will go underneath the new name, whatever the new name ends up being. So that's why I left it out of the choices. :-)

    I had a message on my machine tonight about meeting with my friend that's creating the new materials. Yes, Nichole, it is getting exciting. :-)

  7. Hi Libby,

    Thanks for clarifying.

    Kind regards.


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