That Furry Scarf

I just got back from an out-of-town workshop today.  It was a very informative workshop and I enjoyed "getting away" for just a minute and staying in this really nice suite, even if it was just for one night.  After a wonderful dinner at Carraba's (it was my first time going there and can you believe that I didn't have my camera!!!), I came back to the hotel and knitted more of the furry scarf.

So now I've used one skein and have one more to go.  My question:  Do you block these kind of scarves?  My tension may be a little tighter because I think you're supposed to be able to make a short scarf with just one skein.


  1. I never blocked anything I made with that type of yarn.

  2. I've never actually worked with that type of yarn before. Looks sooo soft, i just want to smush it on my cheek =P

  3. what great photos. I don't think I would block this. I am not a big fan of blocking with this yarn. Good for you having a get away. We all need it. Mine is coming up soon♥

  4. It looks like all you needed to be able to knit was a quick trip to a fancy restaurant. ;-)

    No, I don't think blocking will improve it in any way. It's not the kind of yarn you want to even up neatly and when you wash it or put it away you don't iron it.

    Your tension will loosen with practice - it happened to me. Beautiful scarf!

  5. I agree with everyone. No blocking needed. Looks great and Em loves the color. :)

  6. Everybody is right, very pretty colors!


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