Need a New Business Name

Hello blogger friends,

I'm in need of a new business name.  I'm looking for a name that will encompass my love for fiber arts and photography.  It has to be a name that sort of tells what I do but is broad enough to include various art forms.  This is the real deal, so I need your help. 

Here's an example of what my aunt did.  Her business name is "Transforming Spirit Art Studio".  For years her main art form was paintings, but now she's into pottery so she has another business "Enthusiasm Pottery" that is a subset of Transforming Spirit Art Studio.  When she does her jewelry line it will again be a subset of the main business.  I want to do something similar.

Kreative Designs by Elisabeth was what I had initially, but unfortunately "designs" is vague and could be anything (i.e. software, tiles, webpages, crafts...).  From the information I've gathered, a good business name tells what the business offers.  That way when customers are browsing, they can be sure that your business is what they're looking for.  A friend of mine is using my business as her project and will redesign various print documents, business logo, etc. for me and that's why I want to have the right name so that her work isn't in vain. 

I will put up a poll of the available choices once I hear back from you.  In the meantime I've put my shop in vacation mode to allow time to be reorganized and redesigned.  Thanks for all your help in advance!


  1. Hi Libby,

    How about "Kreative Krochet Designs" or "Kreative Krochet". The spelling in crochet is intentional(just like your Kreative word) to catch attention. Also you could include in your ads that you also sell knitted items too.

    Well, this is the first thing that I could think of. Can't wait to hear the other ideas, and to see what you finally come up with. All the best in your new organizing ventures of your shop!

  2. Kreative Komponents, Crochet and Photography

    and you can add different components as you want to branch out into other things.

  3. Now my mind is churning~ I'm going to think about a name today then post back later with what I come up with (:
    (hey libby email me you email address at

  4. Libby, my correct email is this
    I think I need another cup of coffee to fully wake up (:

  5. I've been thinking of a name all day but I can't come up with anything good. I studied about design and business logos at University and know how important is to choose the right name and that makes me confused and nervous when thinking about The Name.

    Something out of your blog name will be fine, with the word Kreative. Now it depends what do you want to include in it: something vague as Studio (and then use subsets as you commented before) or something more concrete as Crochet or Photography.

    Hope this leads you through the right path in choosing your business name. I'll come back if I think of anything. :-)

  6. Libby this is what I have so far,

    "Libby's Kreative Koncepts~
    inspired artistry in photography and the fiber arts"

    I'm still thinking(:

  7. Some people can come up with catchy names at the drop of a hat. I, on the other hand, struggle until my head hurts lol. I hope you come up with something you like and reflects "Libby".


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