How I Spent My Vacation...

Magnolia acuminata

While, I wait for your creative minds to work in helping me discover a new business name (it's harder than it seemed at first), I'll let you in on a little of how I spent my vacation.  One thing I was super excited about was getting to spend some time with my camera.  I felt I had neglected it a bit and since the weather has been great lately (minus the attack of the pollen but thank goodness for a recent rain), I felt camera time was in order.  Even though I had my new lens, which I fully intend to maximize its use, since I was out of town and going on some semi-serious nature trails, I decided to rent a lens from a local camera store there so I could capture more.  I rented a 100mm macro lens which would allow me to "get closer" without getting hollered at by the gardening crew.  :-)

If you want to view more of what I captured, check out this post:  Noticing Nature:  A Visual Journey on my other blog.  No words, just pictures.


  1. Looks like your blog is ready for spring. I love all the colors. I will have to give some thought to a name and get back to you♥

  2. Pollen atacked me last Saturday and my nose is still red and peeling. That lens seems a very good idea!
    I don't know much about photography but I am enjoying your pics more and more, therefore I guess you are getting better at it. ;-)

  3. oh my, your pictures are amazing!

  4. Gorgeous photos Libby. I'm a sucker for photos of flowers lol.

  5. What wonderful photos, Libs! I have been thinking about the name, have not come up with anything good!

  6. The beauty of Spring....I love the picture


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