Every quarter some ladies from my church and another church in our district get together for lunch or dinner.  Last year we celebrated the birthdays of that quarter.  This year we are doing other activities, including more service activities.  So today it was an early Mother's Day treat.  We daughters had to prepare a lunch for our mothers.  We were told that they wanted "real food" and not pasta dishes and such.  So, in my neck of the woods, "real food" means "southern-style" food.  Period.

What did we prepare?  Fried chicken, baked (what we call) Italian-style chicken, mixed greens, string beans, two different rice dishes, mashed sweet potatoes, two different types of corn bread, ham, potato salad, drinks, and two different kinds of cakes.  There were about 13 people in attendance and I was the hostess.  :-) 

What was my hostess gift?  This lovely gift basket made by one of the mothers.
Showing you the front and back views.

That same mother had placed an order earlier for a black beret for her granddaughter and I was working like mad to get it done (not because it takes so long, but because of the hectic pre-holiday work schedule).  Let me just say that it really paid off (literally) because all the mothers came into my craft room and were impressed by everything.  They looked through my items and made additional purchases, put some on "hold" and each took a business card and promised to help me out with future business.  They expressed how proud they were that I was working with my hands and one mother commented how she liked how I take pride in my work.  She placed an order for a baby blanket.  When I was washing dishes, one mother said, "Did you even make that?"  (referring to my dish cloth)  Yes, of course.  

It was so funny.  I overheard one mother saying to another, "I mean, if a man comes stepping this way, he needs to come prepared.  These girls have it going on by themselves.  What can he offer?"  Then I heard this chorus of  "um, hum."  Is this just a southern thing?  lol

So here's what was sold today:

The black "Phannie" beret:

Tiger's Eye Triangular scarf:

Purple Chenille Sunglass/Eyeglass case:

And this was put on hold:

WOW!  I was left speechless by all of their comments. It was a nice cap to a long, hard winter. 

And now I have 4 custom orders to fill, one of which came from a co-worker on yesterday.  So as I take my much needed vacation, I plan to pack my camera and my hooks.  See you when when I get back!

Happy Easter!


  1. Wow! Way to go Libby! That is fantastic.

  2. You go girl! Who wouldn't be impressed with your work. Sounds like the whole day was great. The food sounds good also!

    Have fun on your vacation! You must share about the new projects you will be working on now.

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. how wonderful, Libby!
    you totally deserve it!
    Happy Easter, my friend.

  4. I am so happy you found appreciative customers for your goodies. It sounds like you had a great time. Qué disfrutes tus vacacciones!

  5. That was great! I'm so proud of you, both in the crafty and the hostess side for making it a success. :-)

    I really think I need to borrow some of your acquaintances for a while. lol

    ¡Feliz Pascua de Resurreción!

  6. But av-course, dah-ling! you really have it going on!

    I'm so glad for you! your work is amazing, and not only your craft, but your teaching and photography and cooking and all!

    Happy Easter! Hallellujah!

  7. But av-course, dah-ling! you really have it going on!

    I'm so glad for you! your work is amazing, and not only your craft, but your teaching and photography and cooking and all!

    Happy Easter! Hallellujah!

  8. the meal sounds delicious! Great job on your sales!

  9. this is so wonderful Libby, both the fellowship and the crafting!
    I like the comment about "working with your hands" that is just so lovely to me.
    Have a blessed Easter friend!

  10. love all the items, and what a wonderful time at your dinner, the menu items sound so delicious.

  11. Amen! Wow that menu sound very good! I was all smiles reading your post I could just picture the ladies enjoying there lunch, whispering about how talented and independent you are must of have felt good and to top it off you made a few sales and a few new is so true we do reap what we sow....Gal 6:7 & 8

  12. What a wonderful idea of getting together and sharing food and company with like minded people. We used to do a yearly dinner for the over 60's in the village where I live, but somehow it died out which is sad. Perhaps sometime in the future, it can be revived. Love the shawl and best wishes for your vacation. Have a lovely time. Dev x


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