Feeling a bit guilty, but that's why I'm on a yarn diet, right?  Everything wrapped in plastic was given to me.  Some of these are for specific custom orders.  Some are left overs from custom orders.  And the piles of pastels that you really can't see all that well are from when I only thought crocheting was only about baby blankets.  Now I've been enlightened. 

If it weren't for Alhana, I wouldn't have even dared to show you...Go ahead, check out her page.  She's been keeping secrets.  :-)

I got a package from Lion Brand today.  I didn't win the Vanna's Choice Contest, but was given a Michael's coupon and Lion Brand magnet for my participation.  Hopefully next year I will remember this contest earlier and give it a real shot.

* Well, Gwen, truthfully, this isn't all my stash.  Remember those bags that were given to me last summer by my coworker?  I don't even consider those because they all have to be washed and wound since her mother-in-law had cats.  I have those stashed where no one can see them.  :-)


  1. If that is all your stash, keep buying, when you have 24 file of crates of yarn, then you may need a yarn diet. Congrats on the coupons, it is nice they send you something even if you are not a winner.

  2. I got the same coupon, didn't win or become a finalist this time.

  3. Congratulations on the coupon! Your stash looks yummier than mine, I think. Look at all those nice soft green skeins.
    I missed that post about your co-worker's gift - that's a good one! You only need some time to get them ready. :-)

  4. OOO your STASH is quite lovely! Haha I was going to say that it wasn't that out of control, but then I read - that ain't the whole stash ;)

  5. Hi Libby,

    Your stash is quite lovely!

    You could also if you'd like, to feel less guilt is to donate some of your yarn as well.

    I also like some of the ideas on Just Be Happy's blog for using stash yarn.

    Here is also a neat link for a big access list to one skein projects, if interested.


  6. there is an award for you in my blog!



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