That Furry Scarf

I just got back from an out-of-town workshop today.  It was a very informative workshop and I enjoyed "getting away" for just a minute and staying in this really nice suite, even if it was just for one night.  After a wonderful dinner at Carraba's (it was my first time going there and can you believe that I didn't have my camera!!!), I came back to the hotel and knitted more of the furry scarf.

So now I've used one skein and have one more to go.  My question:  Do you block these kind of scarves?  My tension may be a little tighter because I think you're supposed to be able to make a short scarf with just one skein.



Feeling a bit guilty, but that's why I'm on a yarn diet, right?  Everything wrapped in plastic was given to me.  Some of these are for specific custom orders.  Some are left overs from custom orders.  And the piles of pastels that you really can't see all that well are from when I only thought crocheting was only about baby blankets.  Now I've been enlightened. 

If it weren't for Alhana, I wouldn't have even dared to show you...Go ahead, check out her page.  She's been keeping secrets.  :-)

I got a package from Lion Brand today.  I didn't win the Vanna's Choice Contest, but was given a Michael's coupon and Lion Brand magnet for my participation.  Hopefully next year I will remember this contest earlier and give it a real shot.

* Well, Gwen, truthfully, this isn't all my stash.  Remember those bags that were given to me last summer by my coworker?  I don't even consider those because they all have to be washed and wound since her mother-in-law had cats.  I have those stashed where no one can see them.  :-)

What's My Name?

Well, now it's time to start tallying the suggestions for the new business name.  I'm placing a poll of several varations of name choices on my blog and ask that you make your vote.  I will go ahead and say that I'm totally in love with the tagline suggested by Nichole:  "inspired artistry in photography and the fiber arts".  So imagine that tagline underneath your business name choice.

A big thanks to everyone for contributing to the new me, both from and outside of the blog world.  Now, let's vote!

Sunshine Blogger Award

A long time ago, my dear friend Kar sent me this wonderful "Sunshine Blogger Award."  I hadn't forgotten it, but just hadn't gotten around to putting up this post.  Thank you, Kar, for blessing me with this award!

So here are the rules for accepting the award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
2. Pass the award to 12 bloggers.
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

So, I'm passing on this award to some of my blogger friends in no particular order.  Trying to share the love of art (whether it be painting, sewing, crocheting, knitting, etc.) across the continents:
  1. Alhana:  I don't know how, but I think we were separated at birth! 
  2. Hydi:  My newest blog follower.  Beautiful creations; check them out!
  3. Bri An amazing artist!
  4. Azmera:  A true Harvest Girl!  I admire your fabric creations.
  5. Caroline:  Talented baker, knitter, crocheter....and get some Spanish lessons too!
  6. Sharon:  Makes super gorgeous bags!  A true textile artist!
  7. Vital Temptation:  My mouth literally drops open when I see her work! 
  8. Lisa:  Ummm, body care products galore!  I aim to try that herbal foot soak one day!
  9. Gege I'm in awe of your intricate color changes in crochet!  It is a gift!
  10. Lisette:  Oh, I wish we were closer.  Your work is fascinating!!!
  11. Dev:  Works wonders with colors - beautiful square motifs, flower pins, and ripples!
  12. Gwen:  Who works hard to help save the earth AND makes beautifully crafted items!
Go ahead.  Check out their blogs.  You know you want to!

A True Test of Patience

What's fun about the "Fun Fur" yarn?  Well, it's quite soft and squishy so I know I'll like the finished result, even if it's not for me.  BUT, this project is taking forever.  I thought I'd hold off on knitting scarves until I had more practice, but I guess the practice might just come in knitting scarves

How I Spent My Vacation...

Magnolia acuminata

While, I wait for your creative minds to work in helping me discover a new business name (it's harder than it seemed at first), I'll let you in on a little of how I spent my vacation.  One thing I was super excited about was getting to spend some time with my camera.  I felt I had neglected it a bit and since the weather has been great lately (minus the attack of the pollen but thank goodness for a recent rain), I felt camera time was in order.  Even though I had my new lens, which I fully intend to maximize its use, since I was out of town and going on some semi-serious nature trails, I decided to rent a lens from a local camera store there so I could capture more.  I rented a 100mm macro lens which would allow me to "get closer" without getting hollered at by the gardening crew.  :-)

If you want to view more of what I captured, check out this post:  Noticing Nature:  A Visual Journey on my other blog.  No words, just pictures.

Need a New Business Name

Hello blogger friends,

I'm in need of a new business name.  I'm looking for a name that will encompass my love for fiber arts and photography.  It has to be a name that sort of tells what I do but is broad enough to include various art forms.  This is the real deal, so I need your help. 

Here's an example of what my aunt did.  Her business name is "Transforming Spirit Art Studio".  For years her main art form was paintings, but now she's into pottery so she has another business "Enthusiasm Pottery" that is a subset of Transforming Spirit Art Studio.  When she does her jewelry line it will again be a subset of the main business.  I want to do something similar.

Kreative Designs by Elisabeth was what I had initially, but unfortunately "designs" is vague and could be anything (i.e. software, tiles, webpages, crafts...).  From the information I've gathered, a good business name tells what the business offers.  That way when customers are browsing, they can be sure that your business is what they're looking for.  A friend of mine is using my business as her project and will redesign various print documents, business logo, etc. for me and that's why I want to have the right name so that her work isn't in vain. 

I will put up a poll of the available choices once I hear back from you.  In the meantime I've put my shop in vacation mode to allow time to be reorganized and redesigned.  Thanks for all your help in advance!


Every quarter some ladies from my church and another church in our district get together for lunch or dinner.  Last year we celebrated the birthdays of that quarter.  This year we are doing other activities, including more service activities.  So today it was an early Mother's Day treat.  We daughters had to prepare a lunch for our mothers.  We were told that they wanted "real food" and not pasta dishes and such.  So, in my neck of the woods, "real food" means "southern-style" food.  Period.

What did we prepare?  Fried chicken, baked (what we call) Italian-style chicken, mixed greens, string beans, two different rice dishes, mashed sweet potatoes, two different types of corn bread, ham, potato salad, drinks, and two different kinds of cakes.  There were about 13 people in attendance and I was the hostess.  :-) 

What was my hostess gift?  This lovely gift basket made by one of the mothers.
Showing you the front and back views.

That same mother had placed an order earlier for a black beret for her granddaughter and I was working like mad to get it done (not because it takes so long, but because of the hectic pre-holiday work schedule).  Let me just say that it really paid off (literally) because all the mothers came into my craft room and were impressed by everything.  They looked through my items and made additional purchases, put some on "hold" and each took a business card and promised to help me out with future business.  They expressed how proud they were that I was working with my hands and one mother commented how she liked how I take pride in my work.  She placed an order for a baby blanket.  When I was washing dishes, one mother said, "Did you even make that?"  (referring to my dish cloth)  Yes, of course.  

It was so funny.  I overheard one mother saying to another, "I mean, if a man comes stepping this way, he needs to come prepared.  These girls have it going on by themselves.  What can he offer?"  Then I heard this chorus of  "um, hum."  Is this just a southern thing?  lol

So here's what was sold today:

The black "Phannie" beret:

Tiger's Eye Triangular scarf:

Purple Chenille Sunglass/Eyeglass case:

And this was put on hold:

WOW!  I was left speechless by all of their comments. It was a nice cap to a long, hard winter. 

And now I have 4 custom orders to fill, one of which came from a co-worker on yesterday.  So as I take my much needed vacation, I plan to pack my camera and my hooks.  See you when when I get back!

Happy Easter!


Going on a mini-vacation for the holidays.  See you when I return.