Teal Paints Shawl

At the end of January, during one of my beloved "Snow Days", I started this teal paints shawl from my stash. This yarn was special to me because I bought it in Michigan when my family and I went to visit my brother this past summer. He took me to a Joann's Superstore (none of which exist in my state), and I was in awe. My brother wanted to spend time with each family member individually and this is how we spent our moments...with yarn.  :-)

Well, after starting the shawl, I quickly ran out of this yarn and you know it couldn't be find anywhere nearby. So what did I have to do? Order a couple of skeins from Joann's to finish this piece. (Yes, this is within the confines of the beloved "yarn diet".) :-D I got the yarn this past Thursday and finished the shawl on Saturday. Desi and I have waited to show you this shawl (which is the same as the one I made my grandmother on her birthday, but blocked severely) and now we can:

It will be in the shop soon!


  1. Gorgeous Libby! The color is very pretty! You will surely have to make one for yourself.


  2. Beautiful Libby and I love the teal color.

  3. Gorgeous Libby and the color is soooo pretty.

  4. Lovely! Bet Desi is delighted to pose with it. :-)

  5. Lib the shawl came out so good. Love the colors and the pictures look awesome! Oh how I wish I could take a good picture.

    Oh I almost forget - Girl you got to change that picture of you, it's cute and all but that winter hat needs to be put away and we need to see you looking like spring!


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