A Sweet Treat

My latest Etsy sale was the scarlet red beret, which was purchased by Kaati.  Today I was swept off my feet when Kaati dedicated a post on her blog about this purchase.  Please go over to her blog and check it out.  Thanks, Kaati!  Can you see my smile from waaaay over here?  *insert big cheesy grin here*


  1. Congrats Libby! It is a lovely hat! And in my favorite color!

    Let me tell you, if you were very close by you could surely share my M&M jar with me. No problem with that! And I can be stingy with the chocolate ma'am. What's a little chocolate between two yarn loving friends!


  2. Very nice blog entry dedicated to you!!! Love the hat too!

  3. this is wonderful Libby!
    The blog/craft community is amazing.

  4. How great! Congratulations =D I love that red hat

  5. The hat is perfect!! And yes, i can see/feel your smile here!


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