Spotlight: EAOC Empowerment Purchase

Lately I've been on a personal mission to streamline my products.  Using products that have multiple purposes, finding a purer product that's not harsh on the skin, and also ones that have a nice clean smell.  On my journey, I've basically purchased one bar of soap at a time to see if it was "the one."  At the end of February I had the pleasure of making an Etsy purchase from Patrice's Shop, "The Soap Seduction."  I purchased a bar of milk and honey cocoa butter soap. 

In the description for this soap, Patrice wrote:
"When I smell this bar, one word comes to mind: Comforting! It reminds me of everything calm and pure and innocent in this world."
And Patrice wasn't kidding.  This soap is some of the best smelling soap I've ever bought.  I love the harmonious blend of scents, the moisturizing factor is A1, and it looks good enough to eat.

Check out Patrice's shop to see all the other wonderful soaps there.  I know your purchase will be beautifully wrapped and you might even get another soap sample like I did.  Thanks, Patrice!!!


  1. Lovely looking bars! Patrice is a talented soaper.

  2. yum! I love handmade and natural soaps. I'm kind of addicted! lol I splurged on Etsy and at Lush around Christmas time. I'll have to check out this store next time I'm in need!

  3. That soap looks awesome...and delicious.

  4. Thanks for the feature Libby:)

    Go EAOC!!!


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