How Sweet is This?

So my brother's fiance works at a small liberal arts college where.....KNITTING IS ENCOURAGED!  Everybody does it.  Apparently there, it's acceptable for students to knit in class and the professors often knit during their meetings!  I mean, are there any applications?  How cool is that!  So, you guessed it, my future SIL is learning to knit.  She called yesterday excited because she's purling!  Oh the things we can share.  :-)


  1. That IS really cute! Man, I wish my college encouraged knitting. lol. Too bad when I went to college, knitting wasn't "cool" yet. = P

  2. Sounds like my kinda college! Y mija, no queda nada de mi pastel con una familia tan grande como la mia. Lo, je, je....;)

  3. Like the new layout of your blog.

  4. That would be awesome! I would find excuses to go to class.

    Love the new blog look!

  5. Oh oh, now I am envious! Please share your SIL with me? ;-)

  6. Libby, pop over and get the award I gave you!

  7. Oh my!!!! Super!!
    When I was in college, my teachers put up with.. Ahem, my embroidering in class. Long story, but it was so nice of them!!!

    I hope schools, grade and other, encourage knitting, crocheting, sewing, crafting, cooking, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING creative!


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