Alexandrite Lacey Shells Shawl

And now the big reveal....the Alexandrite Lacey Shells Shawl!  This shawl is made from the sock yarn I purchased this summer.  It's a blend of 90% superwash merino wool and 10% nylon.  This was my first experience with a yarn so fine, but in the end, it was worth the work invested.  I'd love to try sock yarn know, when I'm off the yarn diet.  :-)

Desi had fun trying on the shawl, but now it's in the shop!


  1. The turned out to be quite beautiful Libby! Told you sock yarn was addicting for crochet projects. :)

  2. Oh It is so beautiful!!!!!

  3. Hi Libby,

    It's absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Congrats!

  4. beautiful shawl and great picture.

  5. W.O.W. That is beautiful! I was *thiiiiis* close to buying sock yarn for some open fingered mitts that I want to try from the Crochet Liberation Front Book....but I chickened out at the last minute since I have so many other things on my plate. (Also, I'm supposedly on a "yarn diet" too, but I keep cheating every now and then....) Your shawl is gorgeous!!

  6. I love this shawl so much,
    the color, the shape-
    everything about it is beyond awesome!


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