The New Me...For 3 Months.

So I've been without a blog picture for a bit because I wanted to show you my new do.  It's called "Afro Twists."  If you recall, this summer I had the "Kinky Twists."  These are a little different, but last just the same.  So here I am:

I cashed in my coin jar and finally was able to purchase a new lens, one of the less expensive ones, but a new lens nonetheless.  So I anticipate cleaving to it quite a bit during my upcoming vacation.  I can almost taste it!  The vacation, not the lens.  I have some pressing crochet projects, but they'll have to wait until I can feed the photo bug some.  :-)

I Still (Can) Cook

Yeah, it's been awhile, but I still (can) cook.  I like it when the kitchen is clean and I'm rested.  Then, I like to experiment in kitchen, trying new recipes, remaking old ones that I've forgotten the taste but remember that it was good.  Otherwise cooking feels like a chore.  I've been learning lately that when I'm not well-rested, the kitchen is closed.  Literally.  Hence, the reason you haven't heard from me lately. 

But now here I am, feeling refreshed and trying a new dish:  Tortilla Soup.  Hey, I even made my own chicken stock for this dish.  This soup was soooo good!  How many ways can you say, um um good!  If you're interested in the recipe, follow this link.  Otherwise just scroll down to view a yummy dish.

Alexandrite Lacey Shells Shawl

And now the big reveal....the Alexandrite Lacey Shells Shawl!  This shawl is made from the sock yarn I purchased this summer.  It's a blend of 90% superwash merino wool and 10% nylon.  This was my first experience with a yarn so fine, but in the end, it was worth the work invested.  I'd love to try sock yarn know, when I'm off the yarn diet.  :-)

Desi had fun trying on the shawl, but now it's in the shop!

Spotlight: EAOC Empowerment Purchase

I'm excited over my new March purchase for the EAOC Empowerment Club.  This month I purchased a super cute tissue holder from Angelina Fong Designs.  It was hard to decide what item to purchase from  her shop, because everything is so beautiful.  I absolutely love her choice of fabrics.  In the end, I selected something from her shop that I will be using quite frequently...the tissue holder because yes, folks, spring is here and so is the pollen which means I'll be in need of my personal Kleenex supply.  :-)

I was impressed by how quickly my purchase arrived and also by the packaging.  I'm always amazed by the care that each seller goes through to make their shipment so breathtaking.  Check out Angelina's shop or stop by her blog.  Be prepared for greatness!

Thanks, Angelina!

Chloe Travel Tissue Holder

How Sweet is This?

So my brother's fiance works at a small liberal arts college where.....KNITTING IS ENCOURAGED!  Everybody does it.  Apparently there, it's acceptable for students to knit in class and the professors often knit during their meetings!  I mean, are there any applications?  How cool is that!  So, you guessed it, my future SIL is learning to knit.  She called yesterday excited because she's purling!  Oh the things we can share.  :-)

Quick Updates

Just wanted to fill you in, quickly, of what's going on (in between the main work):
  • Made a beanie for a friend's birthday.  Made it during a looonng wait in the doctor's office.  (It's been a while since I've been hat-making.)
  • Committed myself to making some hats for the kids.  I don't have to make as many this year, BUT, I have to make them sooner.  A promise is a promise.  (Again, it's been a while since I've been hat-making.)
  • Although I haven't posted much on Etsy as frequently it's not because I'm out of projects to make for others.
  • Custom orders - baby blanket, hat/scarf set, Fun Fur scarf (knitted; still on the needles; I think it might be a while), beret
  • Custom orders led me to A.C. Moore on yesterday.  This is what I saw although I only purchased what I needed for those custom orders.  It was nice to touch new yarns, I must admit, but I remained faithful.  :-)

  • I've also been working on another mystery project, but only intermittedly because of life interruptions, but it's coming along.  First experience using this yarn so we'll see what the end result will be...
  • I've been a busy bee, too busy, and I long for vacation.  Two more weeks.  *sigh*
  • And Glo, I'm working on a new spring picture.  :-)
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Another Sweet Treat

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to create a child-size version of the polka dotted scarf.  I called it the "Polka Dot Passion Scarf".  Remember?  I was elated today to find out that the package arrived to a sweet little girl and that she was excited to receive her new accessory.  Stop by Pam's blog to read all about it.  Plus, feel free to check out Pam's Etsy store:  Oh That's So Cute.  She has some amazing hand-drawn cards, wedding cake toppers, and other cute items!

Teal Paints Shawl

At the end of January, during one of my beloved "Snow Days", I started this teal paints shawl from my stash. This yarn was special to me because I bought it in Michigan when my family and I went to visit my brother this past summer. He took me to a Joann's Superstore (none of which exist in my state), and I was in awe. My brother wanted to spend time with each family member individually and this is how we spent our moments...with yarn.  :-)

Well, after starting the shawl, I quickly ran out of this yarn and you know it couldn't be find anywhere nearby. So what did I have to do? Order a couple of skeins from Joann's to finish this piece. (Yes, this is within the confines of the beloved "yarn diet".) :-D I got the yarn this past Thursday and finished the shawl on Saturday. Desi and I have waited to show you this shawl (which is the same as the one I made my grandmother on her birthday, but blocked severely) and now we can:

It will be in the shop soon!

Come Spring, Striped Scarf (and more)

Yay, I'm finally able to list this scarf.  I made it pre-season and have listed it in my shop....ON SALE!  Stop by and check it out along with other ways to wear this simple scarf.



So what's the (and more)?  The "and more" is this:  My mannequin finally has a name.  Drum Roll please......DESIREE!  So what does "Desiree" mean?  Word origin:  French and Latin.  Her name means "so long hoped for, craved, desire."  Since I have wanted her for such a long time, I think the name is fitting.  I also may refer to her as "Desi" from time to time.  So, I reintroduce to you my new friend Desiree.

Happy Saturday, 

Polka Dotted Scarf Revisited

I recently received a request for the polka dot scarf I created a while back, but in a kid size.  I had the pleasure of working on this scarf this week and now it's complete!  Shorter, skinnier, but just as cute...IMO.  :-)  I tried it out on my new dressform, who still remains nameless.  I guess I better work on changing that soon.

Spotlight: EAOC Empowerment Purchase

Lately I've been on a personal mission to streamline my products.  Using products that have multiple purposes, finding a purer product that's not harsh on the skin, and also ones that have a nice clean smell.  On my journey, I've basically purchased one bar of soap at a time to see if it was "the one."  At the end of February I had the pleasure of making an Etsy purchase from Patrice's Shop, "The Soap Seduction."  I purchased a bar of milk and honey cocoa butter soap. 

In the description for this soap, Patrice wrote:
"When I smell this bar, one word comes to mind: Comforting! It reminds me of everything calm and pure and innocent in this world."
And Patrice wasn't kidding.  This soap is some of the best smelling soap I've ever bought.  I love the harmonious blend of scents, the moisturizing factor is A1, and it looks good enough to eat.

Check out Patrice's shop to see all the other wonderful soaps there.  I know your purchase will be beautifully wrapped and you might even get another soap sample like I did.  Thanks, Patrice!!!


Angelina Fong of Angelina Fong Designs is having a giveaway!  Now you can have your opportunity to win this beautiful Tara Zip Pouch.  But, hurry, don't delay.  The deadline is tomorrow, March 4th.  Rush over to her blog for a chance to win this beautiful bag!

Feel free to check out her Etsy shop too for other beautiful creations!

Colonial Camp

On Tuesday, a colonial camp field trip company visited us.  The three guides camped out on the Lion's Club Park grounds on Monday night and had the tents and stations ready for us first thing Tuesday morning.  It was a cold day, but we were so excited to experience Colonial Days hands-on.

The guides, dressed in period clothing, began with a brief overview of the colonial time period, which covers a broad span of years, if you know your history.  But the kids were all ears.  Afterwards, the students were divided into groups so that they could rotate stations.

The first station my group attended was the "Trading Post & Dress Up."  The kids had fun placing all those different layers of clothing the colonial people wore even though they had to place them on top of the clothes and jackets they were already wearing.  I think they were kind of glad because it was so cold.  While dressed in the attire, the kids then went to the trading post to purchase souvenirs if they wanted.

For station two, they made their own beeswax candles.  Dip.  Walk.  Dip.  Walk.  Dip.  Walk.  If you've been made to do this, you know.  I remember this activity when I was a 5th grader.  We walked around that classroom table a bizillion times before we got descent size candles, but it was worth it because you made it.  And that's how the kids felt.  "Are you going to burn it?"  the guide asked.  "No!  We're saving it," they all said.

At station three, the students made their own hoecakes.  Some of you may refer to it as johnny cakes.  They took turns kneading the dough, making their own piece of bread, and frying it over the fire.  By then it had gotten so cold that I did something I never do.  I tasted one of those cakes.  Yes, even with all those hands on it.  I figured the fire killed whatever germs were there.  Later I found out that the guides washed the utensils in the pond water and that the spatula had fallen on the ground a bunch of times.  Oh, well.  It was good.  Especially with the strawberry jam.

By the time we reached station four, my feet were frozen and it was snowing.  But the guides kept us going.  The kids were able to practice tomahawk throwing.  I think some of them thought if they made good throws we would go home early, but not so...on to station five!

Station five was Indian Games.  The kids played a game similar to tag football.  I even participated because I wanted to get some kind of circulation going.  You should have seen me running around and yelling.  But why do students always try to get the teacher out first?

On the way to station six, we were rescued.  The bus came and got us early because the school was dismissing early.  We gathered the supplies for stations seven and eight which were bracelet making and quill and ink, thanked the guides and headed out of there.

It was definitely a trip worth repeating next year.  As one guide said, "There's nothing wrong with the weather; you just have to prepare for it!"  We were definitely unprepared, but he wasn't.  Check out those wool socks!

Just a few more pictures:

A Sweet Treat

My latest Etsy sale was the scarlet red beret, which was purchased by Kaati.  Today I was swept off my feet when Kaati dedicated a post on her blog about this purchase.  Please go over to her blog and check it out.  Thanks, Kaati!  Can you see my smile from waaaay over here?  *insert big cheesy grin here*