Wham Bam (No) Thank You Lamb

It's finished!  It's official.  Today I sewed the seam to this neckwarmer so now it's officially complete.  It was a very simple pattern - just what I needed.  This also was my first experience using such a chunky yarn.  It sure makes for a quick knit.  For all you Ravelry folks, this pattern is the "Wham Bam Thank You Lamb" (Rav link).  However, my version is called the "Wham Bam (No) Thank You Lamb" (Rav link) since I used Lion Brand's Homespun 100% acrylic yarn.  (Alhana, your mom would probably cringe at the size of these needles and this yarn!)

I wish I had better pictures to show you today but the sun was already setting and it was too cold outside to play around with more camera settings.  I'll play around with some better pictures later, but for now, here's my neckwarmer:

Also, Happy Valentine's Day to All!


  1. Looking Good♥ I have something for you on my blog

  2. Nice work! And you've conquered knitting!!!

  3. Beautiful! I want one too -I love that green!

    You're right, she will. lol We don't have such big needles at home. I had to knit my Big Snow scarf with 6.0 mm needles although the shop lady told me to use 8.0 mm because those are our biggest.

    Your photos are lovely, as always. :-)

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful neckwarmer!! And a perfect color too!

  5. I like your cowl & congratulations!

    Don't ask me why, but, your picture reminds me of an Album cover. LOL! Silly, I know.


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