Snow Day 2010

So today I went out and had fun in the snow.  No, not playing really, but I had fun with my camera.  If you recall the last snow/ice day, I spent it all indoors crocheting.  Here are just a couple of pics to commemorate this day.  If you want to see the rest, check out my post here

Then of!

Don't you think I could be the sister of that kid off of Fat Albert?  You know the one I'm talking about.  "Hey, hey, hey!"  :-)

 * The hat came from one of my students.  He brought it back for me from a recent trip to Texas.  I asked for a postcard, he brought me a hat!

Yeah, I had fun! And, I only have 3 more inches to knit on my project, then sew a seam and wear it proudly. Can't wait to show you!!!

Happy Snow Day,


  1. Loving the hat you were given. Very nice.

    Are you talking about Dumb Donald on Fat Albert? I used to watch that show when I was younger and absolutely loved it! It was my favorite! And who could forget Rudy with his "fancy" clothes. LOL!!!! Now I feel old.

    Can't wait to see you knit project finished. Hurry, please! :)


  2. Marvelous pictures, Libby!

    Love the hat too your student gave you, it's beautiful!

  3. Ooh snow! Lovely! :-)
    I have a hat similar to yours, but mine is dark grey - I think we have talked about it before, a friend brought me from Peru. I wish it snowed here so I can wear it!


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