One Down, One to Go!

Last night I was browsing some knitting instructions online and stumbled across a video on making fingerless gloves.  Ready to try something new, I jumped at this opportunity.  Still trying to improve my stitches, but glad to make something with more than one stitch!  Here's one of my fingerless gloves.  Who knew I would ever make my own glove?  :-)


  1. You go girl! Fabulous job! Fingerless mitts are so addicting and fast to make. I love the blue that you used to make them. Hurry and go make the other one so that you can wear them to school Monday. LOl!!!

  2. great job Libby these gloves look so cozy and warm! I love the blue too, it's always neat to learn a new stitch isn't it?

  3. Nice! And that shade of blue suits your skin, don't you think? :-)

  4. Lib nice job, great color blue and love the apple.

  5. You take the needles seriously XD!!!, these gloves are beautiful!.



  6. I'm super late, but if you happen to make these again, let me know, I'd LOVE to have them!!! Not to put an order in before they're made but, in case you do make them, I'd love to have them in a gray color, or purple!


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