In My Backyard

I love the cozy feeling indoors when it snows.   So, I missed the last snow...technically.  Then, I only felt like crocheting, and that's what I did.  Last night it started snowing and I only felt like knitting, and that's what I did.  This morning, as soon as my feet hit the floor, I felt like grabbing my camera and going out in the snow, and you guessed it - that's what I did!  (So you see, sometimes you really do get to do what you want. lol)

My backyard isn't fancy.  In fact, at first or even second glance, it's pretty plain and boring.  But, I love looking for the beauty among the ordinary.  Every season has something special to offer.  However, in the winter, when or if it snows, it amazes me how some brush or object that I see everyday instantly becomes appealing.  I gave myself an hour outdoors today to see what I could find.  And this is it:

first I saw...
and then I saw...

next, the camera saw...

but in the end, I saw...


What's a girl to do next?  You'll have to wait and see!
Happy Snow,


  1. You changed a common back yard into a several pieces of fine art. I would love to see some of these in black and white. The image of the ice sitting on top of fence almost gives the illusion as if a mountain was in the background.

    Love the close up and personal shots of you as well. Keep the pics coming..

  2. You have your own little winter wonderland in your backyard. Always good to see you in some of your shots as well. Thanks for sharing and have fun!!!


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