How I Spent My Iced In Days

Well, we did get our snow...actually not as much as last year.  This year we got lots of ice, so staying indoors really was the only option.

Was still attached to the work week, but since I felt like the snow really was coming this time, I stayed up and finished the ripple scarf.  Ooh, I love it!  I'll deliver it to Michele on Wednesday.  Her requirements:  "it needs to match my coat."  Her coat is a lighter shade of that green.  She mentioned two colors - magenta and black, so I think I'm safe here. 

When I woke up the snow and ice were there.  However, because it was a weekend day, I still was obligated to do those things that you do indoors on Saturday.  Nonetheless, near the evening, I was able to start another craft project.  Unfortunately, I used up the two skeins I had of this yarn and was unable to finish what will be a shawl.

Was the first Sunday I've slept in in forever.  I'm always in church on Sunday mornings unless there's some sort of emergency, but since the services were canceled, I slept in.  The bulk of the daylight was spent doing school work, cleaning the house, washing clothes, and I made a 15-bean soup and barbecued some chicken.  Oh and I deep-conditioned my hair.  (This is usually my Saturday.)  Finally, I sat down to craft that night, especially after I heard school was closed on Monday.  I started another ripple project.  Unfortunately, that too will run out of yarn; not immediately though, but soon enough.  It's double-stranded and that's the main reason because I had plenty of this yarn.  I'm not sure right now what it will be because it's a little heavy due to the double strands, but so soft.  When I get done I'll see if it'll be a throw or a blanket.

I also entered two submissions to the Vanna's Choice Contest.  I would have loved to create something specifically with this contest in mind, but it was short notice.  Maybe next year.  So what did I enter?  The polka dotted scarf and the classy red neckwarmer.  I know that means I may have to recreate the polka dotted scarf if they ask for it.  The neckwarmer I still have.

We were off work again today due to the ice.  A neighbor came and picked me up to have brunch with her family, so it was nice to get out a bit.  I worked on last night's project a bit and also customized my very own Facebook business page.  Maybe that will turn into more sales.  I'm not interested in Facebook for any purpose other than business, so if you have a business page, let me know.  I'd love to check it out!  :-)


  1. Isn't the snow great for letting you get on with WIP's without feeling guilty. I love the ripple scarf, in fact I think it will always be one of my favourite patterns. In answer to your question regarding the knitted chickens, it was an actual paper pattern and therefore I had to pay for that along with the shipping. Makes it expensive, but couldn't obtain it anywhere here in the UK. Dev x

  2. Wow! Looks like you made the best of your time off. Do Crafters ever take a day off? A day off to us is a day to work on our true love! I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful work. You are a talented lady. Be careful on the ice! Liz

  3. You were wonderfully productive! Love the polka dot scarf. Here's my facebook fan page:

  4. Love the scarf Libby! I just love bad weather weekends. Too bad we aren't closer because I would have come over just to hang out. :)

    And you want to be just like me when you grow up? Be careful what you ask for! LOL!!!! It's a crazy world. :)


  5. I love that light green scarf, how much is one like it? and do you make them in kids size. for a six year old girl.


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