Brite Baby Ripple Blanket

As mentioned before, the baby ripple is complete and as of today, in the shop!  It was fun working on this blanket simply because of the colors.  They were quite motivating to say the least.  Double-stranded throughout, this medium-sized blanket is quite cozy.  I say with this blanket, you can enjoy spring with the warmth of winter.  At 40" x 42", this blanket can be used for a baby, small child or as an adult lapghan or throw.  It's whatever suits your need.  :-)  And now the pictures you've been waiting for:



* p.s. My yarn stash is now a wee bit lighter.  :-)


  1. nice Libby!

    What's next? Gotta get that yarn stash down so that you can go shopping one day again. :) I know I'm no help. LOL!!!

  2. oh my Libby, your work is so neat and your pictures so fabulous!

  3. Beautiful! I thought this blanket was a commission, either my English is getting worse or I am not fully awake when I read your blog. lol

  4. Libby,

    I really love the colors on this ripple, different and beautiful!


  5. Libs! That blanket is so cool! I love all the bright colors, that is just the kind of blanket that would cheer me up in a gloomy day!

  6. Aah.. ripple is such joy to crochet! Your blanket turned out great :)

  7. Hey Libby, I love the colors in your blanket. They are bright and inviting. So when are you going to open your craft shop?


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