Quick Update

Just popping in to let you all know that I miss you!  Remember those days when posts were more frequent.  hehe
  • Anyways, just letting you know that tomorrow I plan to deliver the latest scarf.  The vibrant one. :-)
  •  I organized all my unopened skeins of yarn on Ravelry.  That "stash" is such a cool feature, and I believe it will work in my favor.
  • I have desperately wanted to use Noro yarn for a while.  It's looks so pretty online.  I finally bought a skein this summer and it's still unused.  I tried working with it today, and then I discovered that this yarn isn't cooperating with me or with that pattern.  The texture is harder than I thought and the stitches kept twisting.  Maybe it's one of those fibers that softens after blocking or maybe it's one of those that is better knitted?  So, I put it away for later.
  • No I haven't finished that zigzag scarf.  I frogged it and am trying another version.  We shall see...
  • Bummed about not starting a project "just because," I rifled through my fabric and made a scarf/shawl.  So I got to use my sewing machine today and finished an idea I've been holding onto for a while.  It's shades of browns and orange.  It's plaid.  And it has frazzled edges on purpose.  When I find a proper way to display it, I'll post pictures.  I'd like to make more of these.
  • I'm getting better at reading charts!  Now I find myself jotting chart notations on scrap paper, napkins, receipts...
  • Crocheting is my current passion and my escape.  Is that wrong?


  1. You have been busy, I prefer the pink scarf to the brighter one though. However, pink is without doubt my favourite colour, so it goes without saying I guess. Do you ever make anything for yourself, cos you should, you deserve it! Dev x

  2. You know, Dev, I hardly ever make anything for me. Must work on that. But I also love wearing other people's handmades. :-)

  3. The Stash feature on Ravelry is the best one as well as the Hooks&Needles database. I wish I took photos of every skein I had just to complete it! lol

    I think that famous Noro yarn is used to knit shawls and socks, maybe it isn't suited for crochet. I don't know for sure because, as always, expensive "posh" yarns aren't available here.

    Congrats on reading charts! Don't you feel like you can speak some kind of secret new language now? ;-)

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with loving crochet - and if there is, we will go to see the doctor together!


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