Pretty in Pink

It feels like so long since I've been able to blog, but I haven't been entirely absent from the craft world.  This time of year is very hectic for me, but nonetheless I am always happy to find even just a smidgen of time for crafting.

During the Christmas holidays, an 8 year old girl at church asked me to make her a pink scarf.  (Yes, I bring my crochet bag to church.  No I don't crochet during services, but sometimes when we go to church out of town, the people I ride with may have meetings so while I wait, I craft.  And while I'm riding, I craft.)  Anyhoo, it was too close to Christmas for me to honor her request and I didn't want to start something between other little ones who wouldn't be receiving anything, so I decided to make this gift set for her birthday instead.  That will also buy me a little time to make something for the ones with spring birthdays.  So, the January birthday girl will get all the pink she wants in this hat and scarf set.  I think she'll like it.  I remember loving pink just as much when I was her age.  :-)  Before you ask, yes, I used my yarn stash.  Be proud.


I also finished a very cool scarf last night, but it's being blocked and hasn't dried yet.  As soon as it does, I will be sure to post pics!


  1. what a neat hat, I'm sure the little girl will love it!

  2. Lovely set, I'm sure she will be thrilled with that bright pink!

    Oh, I should move to the US if I ever want to make gifts for friends and be thanked for it! Just a little jealous. ;-)

  3. lovely work! i'm a knitter (and spinner) but i'm slowly learning to crochet. i'm inspired!


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