Ooh, Pretty Fabrics!

In the mid-month of December a co-worker of mine visited Egypt for a couple of weeks.  What was my request?  Fabric.  She brought it to me today.  Her daughter-in-law started looking in advance and was able to use her Arabic-speaking skills to do some negotiating.  All I know is that I love what she selected for me.  The four fabrics to the left are cut pieces, but the one to the far right is actually a skirt and/or dress.  It has unfinished edgings and no back seam, but it has an elastic bodice.  I already know how I want to sew this piece.  Oh, to have a dressform would be so nice right about now.


  1. What a haul! Love the b/w one specially!

  2. The black & white pattern is FANTASTIC! I got a used dress form at a yard sale, stuffed it & just wrapped it in duct tape. It works for now! Good luck!

  3. Gorgeous! I remember going to the markets and loving all the wonderful colored fabrics when I went to Egypt for 6mths. while in the AF. So pretty. How nice your friends thought of you and brought some back.


  4. nice....like you have a love of all most fabrics and wow I am dreaming about what you can do with that material! You know I bet you could find a used dress form on line cheap.

  5. These are gorgeous!
    I love the reds and browns, so rich and vibrant.
    Can't wait to see what you make with them!

  6. Cool! I would have never thought of requesting fabric from a trip (you know the sewing machine and I are not in good terms).

    I am going to embroider a cushion in a Moroccan pattern that reminds me of your fabrics, are our lives connected by some mysterious way? ;-)

  7. Thanks everyone. I think I will have fun with these - when I can get some more time.

    @ Alhana: Yes, I think you are my twin sometimes! Going anywhere outside of the U.S. seems like a dream and so for those fortunate enough to travel, I now ask for fabric that is representative of the place of travel because you can create something with it. I think it's nice to have an authentic fabric from the country as opposed to buying fabrics here that are made to look like some exotic place but was really made (I'll leave that alone). :-)

  8. nice fabrics always get me in the crafting mooood ! enjoi !


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