Not Going to Be Defeated

So every time I tried this current scarf, I was defeated.  By a ripple.  A zig zag.  Who knew?  The funniest thing is that long ago I made an afghan with this stitch, but this time, every time I tried, I failed.  Changed patterns and still no such luck.  Part of the problem was that I was converting afghan patterns to a scarf.  Part was that I clearly couldn't understand how to make the second row work.  Eventually, I had to resort to You Tube videos, change the stitch and give it another go.  Although I'm fairly certain that I will try any of those patterns again, I'm satisfied at the moment with this one, which really isn't a pattern.  The color change is based on an afghan though.  So, here's my WIP for the latest scarf.  I'm loving the colors!



  1. Pretty colour scheme!

    My mother had the same problem when she made my ripple afghan, somehow she couldn't get past the second row. In the end it turned out she was increasing wrongly and the zig-zag didn't show as it should.

  2. That's so pretty, Libby! I'm glad you figured it out. I've been there for sure.

  3. wow! That is one stunning scarf! it looks so nice! I want to try the ripple too, but am hesitant

  4. I love the colors to Libby!
    It makes me what to try to crochet a ripple blanket.


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