Mom's Fried Cornbread

My mom loves bread.  She believes in bread at every meal.  I'm not totally clear on her system, but she makes a certain type of bread that she believes should go with a meal depending on the meat and/or the type of vegetable.  One of the types of cornbread that she makes is fried cornbread.  This type would be cooked with a fried meat like fish or chicken, with a thick cut of meat like a chuck roast, or with a dark leafy vegetable.  Can you believe it, but although I have her "recipe", I don't know how to make it.  In truth, I haven't even tried, because unlike my mom, I don't believe in bread at every meal.  What I do believe in; however, is capturing my mom cooking these items that are so dear to her. 

I took a few risks with these shots - trying to avoid popping grease and also ignoring my mom telling me to get out of the way.  She listens to the sound of the grease and knows when it's ready for the batter and when the bread is ready to be turned over.  Apparently I was throwing off her time a little.  Secretly, although she fusses a little when I'm in her kitchen with the camera, I know she likes it.  I see her smile behind the fuss.



  1. your Blog is GREAT. love the shots of the cast iron skillet and her prep work - completion. GREAT shots.


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