Just in Case

So the meteorologists are predicting snow this weekend...again.  The last time they predicted snow, it was actually quite warm.  Maybe this time they'll be right.  If they are, it will be our first snow for the season.  While others are thinking of playing in the snow, my mind ran quickly to the idea of quietly crafting and eventually some photography practice since it's so rare for snow here.  There's a different feel even indoors when it's snowing outside.  Especially when you live in what some would refer to as "the country."  lol

So, just in case it snows, what am I planning?  Humm...you'll have to wait and see.  But in the mean time I will let you know that I'm in my fourth foot on the ripple scarf.  I usually aim for 5'.  :-)
* The picture is from last year's view of the snow from my back door.


  1. I hope you get some snow Libby. Just so you can sit back and enjoy all the quiet and beauty of it all.

    And yes, one must listen to their Mom. :)


  2. Last time it snowed here was in 1954 so I hope you get some snow and enjoy it!

  3. Lib I hope you have just enough snow to get a weekend in doors to indulge in crafting.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. sounds like a great plan to me!


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