It's Been a While

It's been so long since I made a traditional granny square that I will admit to you all that I had to go find a pattern!  Once upon a time, that's all I knew, so it was weird last night when I was fumbling, frogging, and forgetting what used to be the norm.  Don't stone me, but grannies aren't exactly my favorite to make, although I see lots of granny patterns that I love.  (I think I probably made them for too long.)  At any rate, when I received a baby shower invitation over the holidays for a shower this coming weekend, I couldn't think of anything I would like to make other than a granny.  Is that weird or what?  All the small squares have been started.  I just need to add one more row and an edging.  Then I'll make the large squares.

Now about that yarn diet.  I've been faithful.  Faithfully deleting emails from Michaels, AC Moore, and the like.  The last time I even visited the inside of any craft store was Dec. 12, but now that I'm making this granny from my stash I realized that my other worsted weight "whites" aren't really white, and I feel certain this navy blue is going to run out right after I make the last square and I need it for the border.  All of both that I have is what you see in the background.  I believe the exceptions I made would be covered for a case such as this.  One skein of each color, I promise.  Is that okay?


  1. Great post!

    Only if you promise to be good~

  2. I think we can cut you some slack being that you are making a wonderful baby blanket. :) Do show pictures when you are done.


  3. Looking good! Can't wait to see it completed

  4. It's OK. :-)
    I think I will run out of yarn for my 'left-overs' vest and I'll have to buy another skein. Well, let's see...

    I love the colours you chose for this baby afghan. I crochet squares from time to time to send them to charities, it's a good way to switch off from your current long neverending projects. ;-)

  5. I just saw an ad for 50% off yarn at Michael's. It's really tough to go on a yarn diet. I think just like regular diets you need a cheat day. Maybe, once a month when there's a really good sale?

  6. I think you will be a good girl and just get what you need... hehehe

  7. Can't wait to see the finished blanket....don't binge while you're at the store! LOL

  8. A yarn diet!? Now there is a new concept. But I certainly could use a little of that. My resolution list is getting long, but I might have to add that to it! Happy New Year! Liz


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