I Was Good

I was good and only purchased one white and blue skein of yarn.  I only had a few moments of craft time today, so I finished the white edges on all the small squares and began the stitching process.  I decided to sc them together instead of sewing them.


  1. Very pretty blanket in the making there.I forget patterns so easily but I put it down to my age. Recently had to dig out my crochet flower brooch as I couldn't remember one of the rounds, yet back in the summer I made a dozen or more! Old age creeping in I guess. Dev x

  2. Oooops, see what I mean above, have repeated myself withour even realising it!! Mad or what? Dev x

  3. Sc are the best option, stronger than sewing stitches.

  4. Those two simple colors look so good together! Can't wait to see how the entire blanket will look finished.


  5. looking good! I think the sc looks pretty good and I think is the better choice♥


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