Day 2

Let me first say that last night I didn't do the rice and beans dish, but I did make a quick Mexican corn soup. It basically consisted of hominy, tomatoes, cilantro, and cumin. I also had some cabbage. I had a headache last night and I know it was because I didn't have enough food, but the rest of the week should be better because I have some plans.

This morning, I drank my warm water with lemon juice. And of course my acidophilous. Then for breakfast I had oatmeal and a banana. The oatmeal was really good and it helped keep my appetite for much longer throughout the day.

Because I was in the braid shop for so long the rest of my day was topsy turvy but I did snack on some oat bran cereal and had some orange juice and water.

For dinner I had a rather large portion of black beans and rice. The rice had carrots and peas in it. It was good. Now that I'm almost home, I can drink my green tea and prepare for tomorrow. I got my fava beans today. :-)

More than anything, this 5-day process is a battle of the mind. The interesting thing is that the meat has been the easiest to forget about, and although I don't usually eat a lot of bread, without the meat my mind tends to wander to the bread group, but I can't have that either. This definitely calls for creative cooking.

2 days down and 3 more to go!

Oh What a Day It Was

No, I still don't have my computer. Today I had an appointment at an African Braid Shop. I am so glad that I brought my yarns and hooks because it took quite a while for this style. I promise I'll show pictures, but until then you might have to google this if you're unfamiliar with the style. I got some kinky twists today. They are longer than I wanted, but I will play with it and find ways to utilize these long ropes. :-)

I was at the shop a little before 10 (because I had a 10:00 appointment) but the stylist thought my appointment was at 11. So I crafted. I got to my convenient stopping place, not by choice, but because I ran out of yarn - again. For all the hours I was getting my hair done, I crocheted and crocheted until the bag of yarn had diminished and I had crocheted all I could m either because I needed more yarn or because I had to stop because I was at the place to line the objects.

After I left the shop, I was excited to go to Joann's to see if I could find particular skeins to finish said projects and I was sorely disappointed. Not only did this Joann's not have what I needed to finish my crochet projects, but I couldn't even find the fabric of my choice in there. There was a certain look I was going for. I think I'll just find something out of my fabric stash at home. So I walked out of Joann's swinging a nearly empty bag, but I did use that 40% off coupon.

I'm at my parents' again and heading home. If I have any more energy, I will see if I can finish or at least work more on these projects because I don't like having multiple WIPs. It does something to my brain. lol

Hope your day was great! Tomorrow I'll call and check on my computer again.

A Different Day 1

After our trip to Michigan and eating that commercial food, my aunt decided that she would go on a 5-day semi "detox" of her own making. She asked if anyone wanted to try it with her and of course I was like, "sure, count me in." So today I am at another Day 1. We decided to give up meat, bread, and sweets. (*Note: Sweets, not sugar. Sweets being defined as unnecessary dessert-like items; i.e. candy, cake, ice cream...)

Things like this take preparation; preparation that I didn't really have time for so I'm having to "wing" this "detox" program.

Day 1: I started the morning with 12 oz. of warm water and the juice of one organic lemon. (I read online that this helps detox the liver and aids in cleansing the intestines.) Then I took an acidophilous tablet. This will help the good bacteria.

Since I left my refrigerator bare before our trip, I didn't have much to grab for breakfast, so I was left to eat the rest of the hash rounds I made on yesterday. They were lightly seasoned with herbes de provence. I also ate a banana and drank more water.

For lunch I had a tossed salad, without the crackers and croutons, and more water. Now I must start preparing something for dinner. Maybe some sort of brown rice and beans dish, more water, and some green tea.

Tomorrow I'm going out of town and I plan to get some fava beans and a few other grains that I can't find around here. Then maybe I can whip up something better for the remaining four days.

I'm Back!

Just letting you know that I'm back home safely. My dad drove almost the whole way back home. I drove about the last 3 hours or so. Between napping I made one side of a purse which I will frog because something is not quite right. :- I also made a wash cloth. I was on the last round in one of the contrasting colors and....ran out of yarn when I was about 3 stitches away from being completed!!!!! This was a yarn color left over from a previous project that I was just trying to use it up. I have a hair appointment at an African braid shop on Tuesday so I plan to go to the Joann's there and pray that they have this particular yarn. I had purchased it from the Joann's online.

While in Michigan I had the pleasure of walking into a Joann's superstore. Here in NC I think we only have the smaller stores. The smaller stores don't have as big of a selection and they don't offer the crafting/sewing classes. Anyways, I went there to activate my teacher discount card I had received in the mail. While there I perused the yarn selection with my mouth wide open because I've never seen many of the colors that were available from the yarn companies I had heard of. I purchased 4 unusual skeins of yarn for a particular project and some wooden purse handles. That's all, I promise. They were on sale and I had a coupon for 20% the total purchase...

I hope to have my computer back the first of next week. That way I can catch up on your blogs and post pictures!

FYI: Misty is now wearing the "clown fish" floral beret hat and she likes it! :-D

Days 5/6: On the Road Again

After eating breakfast with my brother, we left Michigan about 9:30 a.m. This time my dad took the first shift at the wheel...and didn't give it up until we were about 3 hours from home! That proves that the four days he spent shut up in his hotel room were quite beneficial to him. He let us roam around the city but stayed indoors relaxing.

This time my dad followed "Mandy's" directions and even though we kept stopping for bathroom breaks, we got home in a little less time than it took to get up there.

It feels good to be home.

Day 4: Bringing it to a Close

This morning my mom, aunt, cousin, and I set out on our own to tour the house that Frank Lloyd Wright designed, which was beautiful! I had the pleasure of driving in this city that has its own style of driving. The Michigan left which really is a U-turn on a street further down. The flashing red light that you can turn left on. The other red light that doesn't flash where you can turn left on. And the red light that doesn't flash that you can't turn left on. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. What's up with that?

Well thanks to "Mandy" the talking voice on the GPS that we borrowed helped to lead us to our destinations. The Mayer May house, which was a FLW design was beautiful. We watched a film about the making and restoration of the home, then we were led on a guided tour.

After touring the home, we went to the Gerald Ford Museum. I learned a lot about the president that doesn't get much credit. Again, that visit began with a movie and then we toured upstairs. There was much to behold.

Being on a very tight schedule, we made our way back to the hotel in just enough time to take a 4 minute nap (yeah right) and get dressed for a church service that my dad was preaching at. Before the service we met some friends of my brother and then went to the service which was really great. The people were so warm and the message was timely - "Ezekiel and the dry bones."

We made it back to the hotel safely, with our bucket of chicken my dad felt compelled to get on the way back from church. We plan to leave in the early morning to drive back home so we must get a good night's sleep.

We've been rushed each day it seems, but I have really enjoyed this trip. I only wish we could have videotaped our travel with all the crazy happenings so we could have marketed it. It could have been another version of "The Johnson's Family Vacation" only with us as the stars!


Day 3: All Around the Town

First off, my brother took the day off of work to be with us. We started the morning with a natural walk on a trail on the campus of Calvin College. Then we toured some of the buildings on campus with my brother. We had the opportunity to meet many administrators and fellow students that my brother has befriended. They were all so welcoming. It made me feel glad to know that he had a support system on campus since he's so far away from family.
After touring the campus, my brother drove us through some really ritzy neighborhoods so we could get a glimpse of the beautiful homes there. One thing we observed about those neighborhoods was that there was no house that was similar to the next. Each home had it's own personality and they were fabulously designed. Where I grew up, all the homes on the street were the same design but in reverse, meaning that the house next door was just like yours but their car port was on the left whereas yours might be on the right. So original, huh?
We stopped by some rib and chicken places. We even went to a restaurant where the drink on the menu was different flavors of Kool-Aid. When was the last time I had Kool-Aid? Gee.
Nap time.
Then it was time to prepare to have dinner with my brother's new friend. I think the parents had to check her out. lol I won't blog more about that. Dinner was great though. Here's my order:

After coming in, I finished crocheting a hat I started on yesterday. Tomorrow I look for to the Frank Lloyd Wright house and a visit at the Gerald Ford museum. Then we will attend a night church service. More about those things tomorrow.
Nighty Night!

Something New

In between events, I had the opportunity to complete the orange/white hat floral center hat. Had to use the ironing board for a display. lol

Quick Update

I was able to give the green beanie to the father of the girl I made it for. I hope to meet their whole family on Thursday.

I started making one of those floral beanie hats today. It's orange and white. I only got the center done because our schedule was a little hectic today. Crocheting is so relaxing. Who invented this craft? Genius.

My daily log of trip events will be on my other blog. Feel free to check it out if you wish.

Day 2: Checking Out the City

This morning we enjoyed a continental breakfast at the hotel. I've always known "continental" breakfasts to be mostly things that don't need to be heated like bagels, muffins, etc., but here it also consisted of eggs, sausage, and waffles. It was very good.

Then, as most Southerners do, we met someone who recently relocated from Raleigh (our capital city) to Grand Rapids, so of course we all had to "catch up" with a perfect stranger. Like I said, as most Southerners do.

After that extensive conversation, all of us, except my dad went to a Frank Lloyd Wright house. It closed right before we got there, but we checked out the exterior. Fascinating. Hopefully we can go back on Thursday when it reopens and check out the interior. My mom who is fascinated with all things historical will see to it that we do. :-)

Missing the house exhibit led us into a tour of the downtown part of the city and seeing the church my brother attends up here. We had a jam session at church with my brother on the organ, my aunt, sometimes my cousin, and me on the tambourines, and my family singing our songs. And let me be the first to admit that we are not professionals, even though a few family members sang with such gusto and felt such spirit with every note. lol

After a much needed nap, we went back to my brother's church for a Prayer & Bible Band service - something similar to Sunday School but it's mostly women because it is hosted by the women's auxillary. I think maybe three men were there. It was a nice service and I'm glad to meet many of the people that my brother has been mentioning over the past two years.

A really nice ice cream treat from Culver's topped the evening and we all promised to go to bed earlier because tomorrow is going to be really packed. It starts with a nature trail walk so I'm charging my camera batteries now. :-)

* I promise to upload some pictures but it's difficult without having my camera software on this computer.


Crafting Between Driving

We've been driving alllllll day long - it really took us about 17 hours with the stopping and the time when someone (uh hum, dad) had a dispute between the mapquest directions and the gps and decided to follow mapquest (big mistake). Anyways, I did a good share of the driving - about 9 hours and when I couldn't take it any more, I decided to pull out the yarns.
I don't have my Misty to display this hat properly but it is a new beanie pattern I'm trying. I'm giving to a girl in my brother's church up here so I won't be able to see what it looks like on Misty.

This is the best I could do to display this on the hotel bed.

This is the top of the beanie.

This is the side of the beanie.

Well, I must go now. I hope to get a descent amount of sleep tonight. Maybe tomorrow we won't look like scarey people (My whole family looked crazy the whole way on this trip - head scarves, hair rollers in head, flip flops....I can't go on.) :-)

A Sweet Surprise

My friend from Peru's husband had to make an emergency visit back to his country. It's been two weeks and he got back yesterday. When I stopped by after church today, what did they have waiting for me: a backpack made in Peru with the llama on the front and what was inside - alpaca acrylic yarns!!!

Ooh, I wish I could show you, but I must wait until I have my camera and my computer.

Now I must force myself to sleep because we leave at 1 a.m.

Until then....

A Little Pick-Me-Up

No, I don't have my computer back yet, I just borrowed this one to check in on you all! I just couldn't resist it. I'll admit it, I've been a little down lately and I missed you all terribly so it was such a pleasant surprise to know that I won two blogger awards and a giveaway in my absence.

Before I comply to the rules of the award, I'll give you a brief update of what I've been doing this past week or so:

1. Cleaning the house.
2. Helping a friend move temporarily for the summer.
3. Cleaning the house.
4. Not using the computer.
5. Crocheting - still working on the mystery project, finished one part to one of the traveling scarves that I have and mailed it this morning, half finished with the other traveling scarf that I have, organizing patterns and yarn.
6. Did I mention, cleaning the house? :-)
7. Then, there's that other big project that you'll have to wait and hear about later. Don't you just love it when I do that! :-D

Now to the blogger award. Thank you Gloria and Kar for thinking of me.

The rules with this award are to:
1) List 7 things you love.
2) Link back to the person who gave you the award.
3) Pass it along to 7 other bloggers

7 Things I Love:
  • My family (even though I should let them know more often how much I love them)
  • My friends (face-to-face and online)
  • Good conversation
  • Home cooked meals
  • Peace & Quiet
  • A good movie
  • Arts and Crafts (this includes, but is not limited to - photography and of course, CROCHET!)

I'm passing this award, in no particular order, to:

  1. Alhana
  2. Ashley
  3. Gwen
  4. The Fairy Glade
  5. CT
  6. Marce
  7. Miss Liz


I know it was the computer who generated my win, but I still wanted to thank CT for such an amazing giveaway. I will contact you via email regarding whatever you need for this prize. My fabric awaits! :-D


Well, all, if you're reading this latter part of this post, you sure are loyal to this blog. I know it was a really long post, but I don't know when I'll be able to post more. We're going to visit my brother this week. It's a 14 drive from here! But, I'll be glad because I haven't seen him since Christmas and I miss him. Please pray for our safe travels.


How I Spent My Tuesday + a Giveaway!!!

Since being officially off from work for the summer, I have been quite busy fulfilling obligations and such. My hope is that if I do those things the first week off from work, then the rest of the summer the pace will ease off a bit. We'll see. So anyways, today I spent a good portion of the day working with a girl on crocheting. She knew the chain and sc stitches, but I wanted to help her fine-tune those stitches so that they would be made correctly, I wanted to show her how to count the stitches, and read a very simple pattern. Too much?

We were off to a grande start until Sponge Bob interferred and then iCarly....You get the picture. I will say, although she didn't finish her piece today as I had hoped, the piece is well made. I checked behind her after each row of 15 stitches and took out any places that were wrong. She sighed and "aw, maned" but she was still proud to show her mom what she had done when her mom came to pick her up.

Her mom said that her sister read patterns and would be able to help her finish it, then she would call me so I can see the finished product or at least the crocheted part. The girl may come over again so we can stitch it up and sew on the button. She's making a little change purse.

Now since I'll be putting my computer in the hands of a technician come tomorrow morning, I better tell you now about this very cool giveway my friend CT is having. If you want the chance to have an amazing freebie, you better get on to her blog and check it out. I would tell you what she's giving away, but I don't want to spoil the fun!

Until then,

p.s. And yes, I have started a new crochet project. Notice how I didn't tell you what it was. :-)

Knit Project Complete (well, almost)

Tonight I finished working on the knitted sunglasses case from the teen knitting kit I've had for a little while now. This marks my third completed knit project. The only thing else left to do is to line this since the yarn is kind of rough.

Any tips on sewing together knitted items? It seems different from crocheting.

455 + 7


Graduation was amazing. I haven't been to a high school graduation at my high school since I graduated there in '94. I was so glad to go because I had the opportunity to see my entire 5th grade class from that year graduate. As they walked around the stadium, just one of the 455 graduating seniors (plus 7 exchange students), I hollered out there name and waved.

I sat with Ismael's family and took as many pictures as I could. You could see the pride and joy on their faces to see their first born son graduate.

It's been a long day and I'm going to call it a night!

Good night! Bonne Nuit! Buenas Noches! Boa Noite!

The Really Last Day of Work - for ME! :-)


So today marked the very last day of work for me. Papers filed, folders reviewed, room packed up. Just as I was working on the slide presentation for our faculty lunch, one of my former students, Ismael, came back to see me as he often does. This time he came bearing a gift (or something like that). What did he give me?....a ticket to his high school graduation! I taught him in the fifth grade. I am so proud of him. He will be the first one in his family to attend college, and he is going to be a teacher, and he got a full scholarship! I'm so proud of him, so yes, I will attend his graduation ceremony tonight.

Now since this blog is supposed to really be about crafting, I have a confession to make. I was supposed to be resting my hands from crocheting, but yesterday I couldn't resist picking up a knit project that I had started before I was crocheting non-stop. It is the only WIP I have, and really it's more like a practice piece.
I want to finish it because I don't want to forget the little I was learning about knitting, and because the yarn I chose was from my scrap pile, and it is too hot of a yarn to work with much longer. I have three more inches to knit then I can sew this baby up! I see that my tension was too loose on the ribbing at the beginning, but there's nothing I can do about that now. I'll just learn from my mistakes.

Have a great weekend!

The Last Day of School

The kids began the day with an awards program. After the end-of-year awards were over, we held the 5th grade graduation. The kids all looked so beautiful in their "Sunday best." (We're on uniforms, so it's rare to see the kids in other clothes. They looked so different.)

Because the teachers present their certificates in alphabetical order, I am always the first teacher to present. I said my little speech, called out each kid's name and gave them a hug as they gathered their certificate. I tried really hard not to cry, but when I looked in their faces, I really couldn't help it. The P.E. teacher passed me some Kleenex. The funniest part was when one of my students asked for one of my tissues after he got his certificate. I told the audience, "See how much we believe in sharing."

After the program, we watched a little slide video I made for them last night with pictures from throughout the year. It's so amazing how much older they look now. Then we watched another slide video that the computer teacher put together of kids, faculty, and staff throughout the school year. Report cards and important papers were distributed, and finally I presented them with their gifts. The kids really liked their gifts and that made me happy.

The parents of student in another class decided to thank the teachers by providing us with lunch. Those parents purchased rolls, sandwich meat with the fixings, and cake so that we could have a nice lunch on the last day of school.

The students had an early dismissal today, but before we left, one of my newbie crocheters gave me the little starter piece she had been working on. She, along with the others, promised to keep on practicing.

There were so many hugs, so many tears, and so many smiles. One of my favorite statements I heard today was, "Ms. H, even though you had to punish me, you still are my favorite teacher." Tough love works. :-)

It has been a great year - not one without many heartaches as well - but it still has been a really amazing year. I'm thankful for the progress that each person made and for the way they learned to bond together like a family.

We were and always will be the best Trailer 149!

Bringing It To a Close

It's the eve of the last day of school and I have just finished the last project!!! Now my other Yovani will not be left out. Again, ¡Viva Mexico!

For (the other) Yovani

Now, I'm taking time to pack for tomorrow, make sure I have everyone's gift ready to deliver, and I want to be as rested as possible for their special day.

Taking it Back

Ok, here is what I pieced together for my disco look (circa 1980s).

Tomorrow, it's definitely Ms. Professional because the 5th grade graduation is in the morning. What will I say??? I'll try not to cry, but I can't promise that. :-)

Machu Picchu


Ayer fui al restuarante Peruana se llama "Machu Picchu" con unos amigos peruanas. El resturante es llamada "Machu Picchu" despues del montaña "Machu Picchu" en Peru. Para aprender sobre el montaña famosa, va aquí.

Yesterday I went to the Peruvian restaurant called "Machu Picchu" with some Peruvian friends. The restaurant is called "Machu Picchu" after the mountain "Machu Picchu" en Peru. To learn more about this famous mountain, click here.

Al restaurante, mis amigos pedieron bastante alimientas por 6 or 7 personas, pero había solamente 3 personas - ellos y mi. Agradecidamente, compartimos cada plato y ellos comenzaron rapído, pero comencé mas despacio. :-)

At the restaurant, my friends ordered enough food for 6 or 7 people, but there were only 3 peope - them and me. Thankfully we shared each plate and they ate fast, but I ate slowly. :-)

Estos son los platos que mis amigos pidieron:
These are the dishes that my friends ordered:

Maíz tostados (concha)
Toasted corn

Papa a la huancaína
Potatoes a la huancaína (this does not translate well; it is a traditional dish)

Anticuchos de corazon de res
Beef hearts kebab

Papa relleno
Stuffed potato

Caldo de gallina
Hen soup

(Marinated raw fish dish)

Chicaron de pollo con papas fritas
Fried chicken strips with fries
Yo olvidé a tomar el foto.
I forgot to take the photo.

Pudin de pan
Bread pudding

Y para beber, chicha morada
And for the drink, chicha morada. (It's a drink made from blue corn.)

La comida estuvieron muy rico, pero ¡estuvieron mucho!
The food was very tasty, but it was a lot!

Image source:

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!


Today was the big party!

1. My mom came and allowed kids to win books that she had been collecting. They drew numbers and as their number was called, they could win a book of their choice. (This is what former librarians do.) :-)

2. We danced to disco music.

3. We played board games and UNO.

4. We crocheted.

5. We ate. My mom and one of the parents served the food. I always let them eat on the floor - picnic style.

6. We broke the piñata and grabbed all the good candy!

7. We ate ice cream.

8. We visited the middle school (still in our costumes). Yes, we got stares but as I was still in my wig, no one bothered the kids.

9. We sighed because the day was over.

10. We went home. :-)

It was a good, festive day. When I left work I had to run errands before 5:00, so I still had on my costume and wig and I heard many kids saying, "Mommy, look!"

Guess what? Tomorrow I dress in 80s fashions for Field Day. The teachers picked a card and whatever the card said, that was the way you have to dress. I already have my orange stockings and silver shoes laid out....

On the Road Again

Today I spent my day with my friends because one of them is going to visit his home country and I was helping them at the airport. We got there really early to make him comfortable, especially because he forgets his English when he gets nervous and he only has flown one time before and that is when he came to the U.S., so his wife and I waited and chatted with him on the phone until we felt that he was comfortable with us leaving.

In that time, I occupied myself with looking at all the travelers and trying to guess where they might be going or where they were coming from based on their clothing fashions AND I crocheted. I am posting this picture to be an encouragement to Alhana since she recently crocheted something outside of her home. :-) I did see people looking but I think more because they were interested in what I was doing. My friend and I would laugh each time the announcer at the airport told travelers to report any strange behavior to the police there. My friend told me to be on guard in case someone reported me to the police for my strange behavior! LOL

Anyways, this is for Alhana:

You can do it! :-)

And in the time I spent crocheting on the way to the airport, in the airport, on the way back and a little in my home, I was able to finish one of the lapghans. ¡Viva Mexico!

For Jonathan

A Big City Girl for a Day

Today I was out of town helping a friend find an apartment to sublease for the summer. After that success, we went around the city and we ended up in this international grocery store that had all these fabulous items. I know that she will like being there for the summer.

As we were traveling I spotted a JoAnn's. Of course I had to go in there because I needed some red yarn to complete the two flag afghans. Can you believe it that I just went in there, purchased the two skeins and walked out without looking at anything else? After those skeins I have no interest in purchasing or looking at more yarns for a while.

When I got back to my city, I stopped by the post office and found the package from one of my Ravelry groups. We mailed dishcloths to each other. How ever many you take out, that's how many you have to put in and then mail to the next person on the list. There are only two more names underneath mine and those two are sisters.

Here is what I took out:

Here is what I put in:

My friend took the dishcloth on the left and I took the red one. I've never had a red dishcloth before. :-)

A Rose By Any Other Name

would smell as sweet...

For Carolyn


'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all myself.

From Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, 1594

*** and two more to go. Have a great weekend. ***

and Three to Go....

I finished making the scarf tonight while watching the movie Honey which was on t.v. I hope he likes it. :-)

Here's the scarf again with the Guatemalan beanie.

And now, three more to go: the rose and two lapghans.

The Silver Lining

It has been one unbelievably strained day and I'm just really getting home....but the upside is that -

1. Somehow by the end of the day someone asked to borrow one of my hooks and then I saw one girl teaching another how to make a chain stitch when they were on break. That turned into we're going to be crocheting during our party on Monday; everybody bring your hooks!!! (This will be one interesting event.)

2. One of the other girls who is crocheting with her mom is also very talented in claymations. We were cleaning the room down and passing out past projects when I noticed again her clay creations:
And look what her mom gave her. She found it at ROSS for $2.99:
There are some really cool patterns in there.

3. Due to the mandatory budget cuts that took effect immediately, my parents are bailing me out and helping to buy party decorations this year. The theme is DISCO and I picked up the party supplies at a local store. I can't wait to get the invitations out tomorrow. (Yes, my parties are by invite only.) :-)
4. A kind soul had some extra grocery store gift cards leftover from something and offered to purchase the food for the party. WOW. God is definitely good. She met me at the grocery store after I left the party store and paid with that card.

5. I am home. My mom cooked extra dinner which included me, so I didn't have to cook. Now I can finish the scarf project:

So, even though the day has been very hard, there is much to be thankful for. Now I must go and finish that scarf. Onward!

Disco Image source:

A Quick Update

So, the request for gloves has been conveniently changed to a scarf. I wonder how that happened? * insert sheepish grin here.* It is a skinny v-stitch scarf that I already started on since I had to go get my allergy shots today. And I think I will also go with the v-stitch and treble crochet laphan patterns that I have as well for those two projects. Last night I found a cute crocheted rose, stem and all, online and I believe that will be all the patterns I need for right now. Then, like I mentioned earlier, I plan to take a short mental and hand break before doing any new projects. :-)

Camarones Szechwan/Szechwan Shrimp

Este tiempo, no palabras, solamente fotos:
This time, no words, only pictures:


Receta aqui.
Recipe here.