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Pink Poncho - Complete (well, almost)

A Bit About Patience...(and you will need patience to read this post as I am feeling long-winded today)

A Bit About Patience...(you will need patience to read this post, as I am long-winded today)

Lacey Rose Cap - Complete

So I'm a SuperHero Now...

The Beanie Fits.

Another Beanie on the Way

Working While Waiting

More Surprises to Make My Day

Starting a New Project

Look What I Got Today

My Contribution to the Traveling Scarf

Ok, Now I'm Really Finished

Satisfying the Customer

Purchasing Online

Time For a Friendly Drawing

Tilapia Dinner

Change Purses

Another Dishcloth...

A Time for Firsts...

Yellow Easter Baby Poncho - Complete

WIP - Baby Poncho