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Color Block Scarf - Complete

And We're Off!

Color Block Scarf

Sending My Scarf Off

Today's Assessment

An Update on My Goal

Continuing with Yesterday's Goal

Traveling Scarf Project

Chunky Twist Scarf

My Personal Goal For Tonight:

I finally understand something


The Purple Toboggan

Folks We Have a New President

First Snow 09

Purple Coin Purse

Tax Time

Cooking For One

The Easter Egg Blanket Is No More

My Easter Egg Blanket

White Lace Border Blanket -Complete

Moving Faster Than I Ever Have Before

We Made a Pact

My New Project

Etsy and Me

Yo llore...

One Day Project

Knitting 101

Syndee's Blanket is Complete

The Amish Have it Going On

Gumbo for Dinner

Giving You a Little Sneek Peek

If You're Vegetarian, Turn Your Head :-)

Days 7-9

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Where's the Dinner?

Round 2 is Almost Complete

Now It's Time For the Edging

Chinese Green Tea

I've Got Some Starter, So Let's Get Started!

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