So Little Time...


My doctor finally called in an antibiotic for me today!  Thank you!  My throat has been so sore  that everything, I mean everything is painful to swallow.  Water hurts.  Juice is quite painful.  Food feels like sandpaper.  Ouch!  But now that I have this antibiotic in hand, I hope to feel better soon.

So what have I been doing?  Alternating between cleaning/decorating the house and crocheting.  Nothing else, or so it seems.  I finished up my last portion of the last traveling scarf and got that mailed off.  I actually received my own traveling scarf today, but I'll be a good girl and wait until Christmas to open the package.  :-)

I've also been working like mad on that custom handbag.  My co-worker friend has given me the deadline of Christmas Day, but I know I need to have it done before then so I can take it to her.  I think the hardest part isn't actually making the bag but it's that I don't have a pattern and I'm still trying to design and craft simultaneously.  Note to self:  Don't do this ever, ever again.  I have faith that it will turn out just fine, but I will admit I'm in a bit of a tailspin here.

My obligation to grandma's Christmas dinner is a sour cream pound cake.  I can't even think about cooking yet though, but it is one of my favorite cakes to bake.  (I'll be sure to post pictures, but here's an old picture with the recipe.)  Also, my brother's driving in from the cold and snowy Michigan today/tomorrow.  He left this morning, so I pray for his safe travels.  Will you do the same?  It's like a 14 hour drive without snow.

Well, gotta go finish off these mashed potatoes and then more crafting!


  1. I can completely relate! I have so much to do, and no time to do it! If only I was on Christmas vacation then I could have my daytime, but we work through Wednesday. =-/

    Good luck & I look forward to seeing the finished bag!

  2. oh, and I hope your antibiotics help and you get well soon! Sore throats are the worst...

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon Libby! Yucky to be feeling like that right before Christmas. I hope the medicine kicks it in the tail.

    I know how you feel about having too much to do before the big day. It always happens here. Just take a deep breath. Everything will be just fine. The cake sounds wonderful!



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