She Wanted a Hat to Match!

So after I delivered the green and gold polka dotted scarf, she asked, "Could you make a hat to match?"  I must admit it's different making a hat specifically for someone you know than just making hats that someone, somewhere can fit.  I also had to get the polka dot placement right because it's on your head.  I know I frogged this hat many times, because although I took measurements, I wanted it to be just right.  The funniest thing about these past projects and the next one to come is that although I had no intentions of designing patterns any time soon, I'm being coerced right into it because of the customer demands.  It is intriguing and a test of my brain.  It's also the reason I've frogged these projects so many times!

So here's the Raider Pride Polka Dotted Hat.  Yes, the pom pom is detachable.  Now I'm sure she'll get some attention at the games.  :-)

This image is a truer depiction of the colors than the scarf image in the previous post. 

Tomorrow is the last day of work before the holidays begin.  My gifts are wrapped for my co-worker friends.  And more of my "Holiday To Do" items are crossed off my list.  I have my last traveling scarf that I want to finish and mail to the recipient A.S.A.P.  That means mine will come soon too!  Oh, joy!

Good night sweet friends!


  1. It was worth all that frogging, it turned out great. What a nice set - I love pom poms!

    I haven't make any gift yet, can you believe it? Fortunately I will have to give them on January 6th, I have plenty of time. :-)

  2. This turned out to be an awesome hat!

  3. For just coming up with a pattern, you did GREAT! Have fun today on the last day of work before Christmas.



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