My Traveling Scarf is Back

At the beginning of the year I participated in a traveling scarf project with some members of a Flickr CAL group that I belong to.  Everybody crocheted or knitted about 6 inches of a scarf wrote a little in a journal and sent both to the next name on the list.  Each month (or so - things happen, you know) someone was writing in your journal and working on your scarf.  We had some bumps along the way, but we had a great time.  I'll admit that it got harder to match yarns and styles as you got further down the scarf, but I think everyone will be pleased at their final product.  I know I love mine to pieces!  I wore it to church tonight with my brown peacoat and got many compliments!  Thanks, gals.  :-)

Don't you just love this?


  1. Aren't those piano keys?! What a brilliant idea that person had. I'm very fond of brown shades and I find this heterogeneous scarf really pretty.

  2. love it! One section looks like piano keys? how creative!

  3. It's fabulous! I would be wearing it with pride too!

  4. Yes I love it , it is so cool! I really want to do a traveling scarf! Your site looks awesome! Love the red, that is red is my favorite color. I finally found a blog skin that I am happy with and I figure out how to do the header so I think I will leave it this way for awhile! lol Wishing you a happy new year lib!


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