Making a List, Checking it Twice (Pt. I)


You know how I am about my lists, so I made a list of handmade items I would like to give throughout this holiday season and miscellaneous crafting tasks to be completed.  Then I put deadline dates beside them so I would know what the working order was, even though sometimes you feel more in the mood for one crafted item over another, but that's not new.

  • Before Thanksgiving I received three traveling scarves nearly at once!  After completing the polka dotted scarf, I was able to add my portion to both scarves last night and today.  Both of them were mailed off today.  I'm the last person for the 3rd scarf so I have a wee bit of time for that one.
  • I'm gifting some yarn to a teenager that assists me at work one day a week for a couple of hours.  I found out that she's quite handy with those knitting looms so I think yarn is appropriate.  Plus a McDonald's gift card -she loves that place!
  • I'm semi-designing a crocheted memory tote for a co-worker so I'll be working on that really soon.  
  • Got another order for a skinnier polka dotted scarf - this one in our high school team colors.  Can you believe I already had the perfect yarn?  But, I sent someone to pick up an extra skein because I know it won't be enough.  (Yes, it's within the diet guidelines.)
That's about it for now.  Less computer time = more crafting time, but I want you to know I'm still here.  I'll catch up when I can.  :-)

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  1. I need to make some gifts too, a list wouldn't be a bad idea...

  2. Okay first off the image you picked, killing me! LOL so funny.

    Mary and I are list people. It's a holiday have-to, just to keep the projects straight!

  3. I like your organization skills Libby-I need some (:
    Yes I totally get the less computer time as well. I've be trying to limit my time so more can get done.
    Have a good Wednesday Libby!


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