It's Official. I'm Going On a Diet.

Yes, you read it correctly.  I know you have doubts and you think that I have gone mad.  The truth is you only see the outside (or what I show you in my pictures), but I see the truth behind the closed doors and something has to give.  I've tried before and failed.  In fact now, even my drawers are starting to bulge.  At that, I know I must do something.  I didn't know what to do until I read a post on BrownBerry's blog and then I knew that I had to make a sacrifice in order to do what's best for me both mentally and physically.  The first step is admitting there is a problem.  So, I'm admitting it, "I have a problem."  Now that I'm no longer in denial, I can openly accept the help that is available to me.  So thank you BrownBerry.  Because of your influence, I'm going on a diet......A yarn diet!

For 6 months I will not purchase any new yarn.  So mark this date on your calendar:  June 5, 2010.  I will be content with whatever I can create out of the abundance that I have.  Therefore I will shop from my PYS (Personal Yarn Store).  I will not solicit any new yarn, but I will receive yarn that is gifted to me without solicitation.

Now here are the few exceptions.  I will purchase yarn:
  1. For custom orders for my Etsy shop or face-to-face customers.
  2. If I'm making something for someone out of my stash and I'm close to finishing, but run out of a specific yarn.  I will allow myself to purchase the one skein to finish the project.

I appreciate your encouragement so that I don't fall off the wagon!  Now, let the creativity begin! 

Image credit:  Peggytoes


  1. Libby, you are stronger girl than me. Good luck dear! I can't even stick to a diet about food. Won't happen with yarn. ;)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. I was thinking of doing something like that but I didn't know it was called yarn diet. lol There are too many skeins in my bedroom now, bought and given, and I have this tendency to start new projects without finishing my current ones. I'll borrow your deadline for my little problem, if you don't mind. :-)

  3. Sounds good to me! I'm not quite there yet(needing to go on a diet) but I'll come to you for support when I do!

  4. I can't wait to see what wonderful creations you are going to make with your yarn stash Libby!


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