It's Finally Here!

Y-E-S, the Christmas vacation is finally here!  When the announcement was made that we could go home early, I practically did a backflip out the door!  Who hoo!!!

Today was a fast-paced day.  One of the main highlights was the Winter Concert.  The 4th & 5th grade Chorus did a production of "Annie Jr." and the K-2 kids sang all kinds of wonderful Christmas tunes.  And I took lots of pictures.  The only ones ready now are (of course) the food pics from the ESL holiday party.

Well, I wanted to show you the Christmas surprises that were awaiting me today:

A few things from kids and/or their parents, teachers, you know.  Yes, a teacher gave me an actual knit top!  I think she heard me say how much I hate shopping for clothes.  lol  A parent decorated the tote bag.  Hey, maybe it will be my new yarn bag.  And another parent gave me that Stitchery book.  Fellow crafters always know.  It's such a cool book on different stitches for cross-stitch, embroidery, crochet, etc.

After I got home from work, my mom gave me a pre-Christmas present.  (We tend to do things a little differently around whenever and not necessarily on the 25th.)  Anyways, she gave me a bag of decorations!  Why?  Because she knows I'm trying to get seasonal decor throughout the year on a dime-budget and my mom loves going in those thrift and consignment shops, especially in the nearby upscale places.  So she gave me this part of my gift earlier so I could enjoy it around the house.  (After Thanksgiving she gave me a house full of fall decor for less than $5.00 total.)

I know the real reason for this season is not about giving/getting gifts, decorating the house, or getting off of work, but it sure is fun.  :-)

Have a great weekend!


  1. oh wow, you sure got lots of nice gifts, but you deserve it, you're an awesome person.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. What nice gifts! Not a surprise though. You are awfully sweet and a super teacher! Have fun with all the decor goodies you got from your Mom. How fun!

    Have a great weekend Libby!

  3. Hi Lib: Just want to stop in say hello, nice gifts, thoughtful mom, enjoy your well deserved vacation and happy holidays!


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