I Looked, Touched, But Did Not Buy...

After finishing Caroline's polka dot scarf, I received another custom order from a co-worker for a green and gold polka dotted scarf, like Caroline's but thinner.  Fortunately I had the perfect colors which had been purchased near the beginning of the high school football season.  Remember when I was going to make high school neckwarmers, but didn't?  Anyways, I worked on that scarf faithfully on Wednesday until almost all of the green yarn was gone and I needed to add one more foot!  I asked a friend to check the Michael's in her city.  No yarn.  Not even a label where it used to be.

So today, I attended a day-long conference in the capital city.  The hotel was not too far from a nice Michael's.  A big Michael's.  I called and YES, they had the yarn.  Can you believe that I purchased only that one skein and the yarn for a custom bag I need to begin?  The only other thing I bought was 2 chocolate individual candies.  That's also a ritual when I go into Michael's, Waldenbooks, or Hallmark.  To get one of those chocolate balls.

So folks, I do have some will power.  I am still adhering to the yarn diet, but I have to admit, I looked, touched, but [thankfully] did not buy!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Good for you Libby! I've haven't bought any yarn since the end of October, I just realized! Weird huh?!

    Have a FAB day dear!

  2. You're awesome!
    I am on that same diet... my stash is so low, you wouldn't believe it...

  3. You go girl! I am still on my yarn diet....I would have been so tempted to buy! What will power
    you have! ! ! Yeah

  4. good job Libby with using your stash. I love to buy yarn, but my productivity (ahem, lack of) doesn't justify purchasing anymore that what I have now.
    I love the green and yellow scarf too!


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