I Don't Know What's Come Over Me, But

I'm just loving R-E-D.  This time, brick red.  It's just so classy.  A while back I ordered a Ziploc bag full of upcycled buttons on eBay.  Now, I see that they are coming in handy.  Don't you just love that button?  :-)

Of course you know this is in the shop

I'm still working on Caroline's scarf.  Actually, remember I showed you a sneak peak?  Well, I frogged it, started over and now I'm loving it more.  I hope she really loves polka dots as much as she thinks she does because it's like a polka dot explosion!  :-)


  1. The neckwarmer is gorgeous! The button is perfect on it. Can't wait to see how your scarf is going this time.


  2. It is lovely! And the button too. Are you sure you aren't doing this to make me like red things?

  3. perfect match for the neckwarmer, Libby!
    I'm so curious to see the polka dot scarf!!!

  4. Libby, this is gorgeous! Did you follow a pattern?

  5. You did such a great job on the neck warmier! I'm with you, love the red!!!

  6. Hi Libby,

    Love your neckwarmer.

    I also think most things in the color red are truly awesome and make an extra statement. Just one of those 'WOW' colors I guess(LOL).



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