And Then There Were More...

Polka dots, that is.  I finished the custom polka dotted scarf Sunday night.  This one is for a Richmond Raider fan. 

Cheerleaders:  "When I say green, you say gold.  Green!"
Fans:  "Gold!"
Cheerleaders:  "Green!"
Fans:  "Gold!"
Cheerleaders:  "When I say number, you say one.  Number!"
Fans:  "One!"
Cheerleaders:  "Number!"
Fans:  "One!"

Yeah, you know you remember those cheers, cheerleader or not!

Showing Raider Spirit!


  1. The scarf and the colors are awesome! Very nice work!

  2. Oh! So pretty. Little daisies on the grass. Love it!

  3. That turned out great Libby! What's next?

    Have a great week at school!


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