Tying Up Loose Ends

Some time ago I started a pom pom hat to match the espresso brown fleck scarf I made.  I don't like to have outstanding WIPs, so this week I finished the hat.  It has a detachable pom pom!


Remember the traveling scarf project?  Well, it's nearing the end and as of this week, I have two scarves in my possession.  It's getting really hard to think of ways to add to the scarves when you get closer to the end, but I think everyone will enjoy theirs.  :-D


  1. such a great hat! I really like the ribbing.

  2. I forgot about the travelling scarf - didn't you notice I wasn't asking you about it lately? lol
    Hope you can share some pics of them with us soon.
    The hat is beautiful. At first I thought it was knitted, you did a great job with the ribbing. :-)

  3. Nice pom pom hat! I would like to see the scarf lib!

    How r u? How is school this year?

  4. Love the scarf and hat! Is it your pattern? Will you share? Kudos!

  5. I like it how is your pom pom detachable, it is crochet right, it is so snug it looks knitted too.

  6. Thanks all!
    @ Alhana: I'll sneak you some pics! And you must have great faith if you thought I could have knitted that. :-)
    @ Glo: I sent you an email. And I added a scarf pic on the post. :-)
    @ Caroline: I'll send it to you. No problem.
    @ Gwen: Yep, it's crochet. I like how hdcs make that ribbed look. :-)

  7. Thanks for the link and yes, I am on ravelry....kansashooker!

  8. beautiful set, and what a great idea to make a detachable pom-pom!
    I'm glad you like tying up loose ends, maybe you should help me with some of mine (I have a closet fillled with ufo's :)
    Have a great Wednesday Libby!


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