Tiger's Eye Scarf

I finished another knit project - what I call a Tiger's Eye scarf.  It has a subtle triangular shape and can be worn in many different fashions (i.e. scarf, stole, neckwarmer...).

It was very interesting to work with size 17 needles --Whoa!!! -- and equally interesting to work with eyelash and novelty yarns.  I will say that it is much easier to knit on these yarns than to crochet.  The needles help to distinguish between the strings to knit on as opposed to the eyelashes.

In the shop it goes!

It's great to have friends who are such willing subjects!  Thanks, MamaLutz.   :-)

BTW, I just got the next scarf in my traveling scarf project.  We're nearing the finish line.  Had a few bumps along the way, but we're almost there.  I think I need to add to 2 or 3 more scarves and then our own scarf will be returned to us.  Sorry, no pictures yet because I don't want to spoil the surprise.  :-D


  1. What a beautiful accessory. Congratulations!

  2. wow! I really like it! Good job. =D

    I wish I had someone to model for me. The self-timer is pretty difficult to master =P

  3. @Anonymous: Thank you! How is your knitting coming along?

    @Ashley: Self timer...tell me about it! That's why I'm rarely in the pics. I borrowed this friend right after work. The background is a shed in the back of the school. Once I get home, the only model I have is Misty. lol

  4. Size... what?! Looks like you're mastering the knitting needles, the scarf turned out beautifully. :-)


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