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Time to Catch Up.

So my dad, bottom row far left, lost another of his brothers this week, the one seated beside him in the middle.  The thing with big families (my dad is from a family of 17) is that although there are so many things to celebrate, losing one comes more often than you'd like to experience.  My dad has been the one to officiate for almost every one of his siblings that he has lost.  And guess what?  This photo was taken after the lost of one of my dad's sisters about 2 or 3 years ago.  That's the reason for all the black and gray.

Still thinking of gray, but on a happier note, here's a neckwarmer that I made last night.  It's 100% cotton and is lightweight.  I have some other ideas for it, so it's not complete.  I just wanted to "catch you up." 

Taking Time to Tile.



Almost After
Thanks, M for coming over and showing me how to tile ceramics.  I've only used vinyl tiles before, but I really LOVE these tiles from Mexico.  I bought them on eBay a while ago but have had them in a box since then.  When M comes over to help with the grouting next week, I'll be sure to show you all the real "After."

Telling You How Much I Enjoy Writing To You.

And I do!  It makes me happy to have something to share, even if it's the tiniest of things.  Thank you all for being great readers and followers.  :-)

Time for Soup.

No, not a different soup.  I haven't felt much like cooking, so I am eating the Spicy Chicken Soup that I froze part of a little while ago.  As soon as it warms through and the Texas Toast garlic bread is done, I'll be a happy camper!



  1. So sorry to hear about your uncle Libby. It's very sad to lose someone in a close family.

    I like the neck warmer. Can't wait to see how you finish it. And the tiles look great! I'm sure it makes the kitchen much more bright and cheery!

    Have a great rest of the weekend!


  2. My condolences, Libby. There is comfort in our faith, but it's hard to let our loved ones go.

    I love how the tiles look! Muy bien hecho, amiga!!! Un toque de Mexico cerca de ti!!! Debo recordar publicar mas recetas de cocina mexicana para ti!


    Citlali Talina

  3. I'm sorry about your uncle, losing loved ones is always so hard.

    Nice tiles, Libby, plus it seems like you are doing a great job, I can't wait to see it when it's all done.

    I like your neckwarmer very much, please show us a picture of it after it's finished.

    I'm still working on the cabled scarf, I found the pattern on ravelry, so I am pretty sure you might have the same one. ;o)

  4. So this is how your kitchen looks like with the Mexican tiles. We have all our kitchen and bathroom walls tiled with ceramics in Spain. Beautiful, durable and easy to clean! lol

    Hope your dad is doing well. Being the one to officiate for all losings in the family must be hard.


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