The Potter's Hands

Publisher:Connie Campbell Bratcher

As the Potter's hands are busy
Molding His work of clay,
His vessel becomes more useful
In service to Him each day.
Every trial has its purpose,
Each loss - its infinite gain,
In the life of the Potter's child,
No suffering is in vain.
Tragedy, illness, and sorrow
May shatter our best made plans,
But perfect peace is ours...
Resting in The Potter's Hands.

I listed this print in my shop today.  This potter is such an amazing guy - counselor by day, potter by night.  Either way you look at it, he's finding ways to heal and share his passions with others.  I saw this poem online today, and I couldn't resist matching the two together.  Thank you, Connie Campbell Bratcher for writing such an amazing poem!


  1. I love this picture with the poem. Beautiful!

    thank you for the lovely compliments. Yes, I had a citizenship interview. Even though I've lived in CA since I was a child, I've always been a Canadian citizen. I figured there's no time like the present & the price for citizenship is only going to go up!

  2. I forgot to mention before, I had to get the Bernat Royal Blue for Gloria's squares online, I couldn't find it locally, but I got it from ebay, the yarn itself was less expensive and I sent a message to the seller and she agreed to ship it to me for $3.00 instead of $4.95 that she was initially asking for.

  3. I love the picture and the poem♥ thanks

  4. Love the poem, I need to read that today. Lib than you for helping out with the IC awareness blanket I appreicate your giving heart. The awareness blankies for children will be the same pattern but we will use all colors preferably bright colors. Sandra made the first 4 squares for the IC blanket 13 w x13.5 L using hook size H. It is very exciting to know that not only is this blanket being given to a man who has trained hard for the boston Marathon to raise awareness because his wife has IC but that the squares that that blanket is made up of are coming from all all the country and made by people who love there fellowman enough to give.
    I plan to make a separate page for the blankie charity, when I get a mil of a second. lol


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