"He Never Sleeps"

Every now and again, I get in the mood to hear MUSIC without all the instruments drowning out the vocals.  Today was one of those days.  "He Never Sleeps".  It's very soothing.  I remember my brother and I jamming to this album back in the day.  When Columbia House offered it on cd, I had to have it.  It wasn't like my brother would let that record out of his possession.

Can you believe You Tube doesn't even have Take 6's song?  So, I give you a group performing their rendition of Take 6's "He Never Sleeps".  Not perfect, but who can really touch Take 6?:


  1. I remember Take 6 as well as Commissioned from back in the day. When you have perfect harmony in a group the joyous sound that comes forth is all that is needed. This proves who can sing and who can't.

  2. Take 6! I love them too, and I agree about just needing to enjoy the vocals sometimes. This group does a pretty good job with the song too.
    Thanks Libby!


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