It Was Good


I read and watched all kinds of crazy You Tube videos on how to eat a pomegranate.  In the end I just picked them out by hand.  It was good.  A bit sweet and tart at the same time.  Sort of put me in the mind of cranberries.  I read somewhere that pomegranates were good for your heart, so all the better, right?

I wonder if anyone ever held a pomegrante eating contest?  Hum...


  1. YUUMM>>> i just cut it in half an go at it by mouth.. lol.. I love them..
    yes they are good for your heart.. there good for you over all.. they are full vitamin c, potassium and antioxdant for your immune system along with all the other qualities.. I love pomegranate season.. Ive been waiting all summer for them... I keep atleast two in the fridge!!

  2. We remove the seeds and put them into a plate or bowl, then eat them with a spoon. The tidiest and cleanest way, trust me. :-)

    Did you like it? I love pomegranates! We eat the variety called "mollar", which grows exclusively in my city.


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