"Caught, Brown-Handed!"

exclaimed one of my students today!  For you see, today was the last day before the Thanksgiving holidays, and my class was assigned a Social Studies project where they had to dress in Colonial attire.  The catch was that they couldn't purchase anything and they still had to wear their school uniform.  "Modify it," I told them.

So today, we all came decked out in our very interesting versions of what the Colonial people wore.  Not Pilgrims, mind you, but more along the lines of the middling class of people.  I could tell who'd been in my class fabric stash.  I saw hand stitched aprons, bonnets of sorts, long socks, actual stockings on some, vests, suspenders galore!

Students made different craft projects throughout the day, one of which was pomander balls.  I spread out newspaper, explained the craft and let them have at it.  Basically, they taped off a cross area of their fruit, pressed cloves into the untaped areas, pricked extra holes around the fruit and then had fun rolling the fruit into ground cinnamon.  "Can we eat it?" I heard what seemed to be a thousand times.  And a thousand times more I said, "No!"  But I still caught kids sniffing the cinnamon.  And I must admit, I did too.  I love that smell.  :-)

After the fruit was adorned with all those prickly spices, the tape was removed and a ribbon tied around it.  This is a traditional Colonial craft and was very popular during Christmas time.  As the fruit dries, the smell will continue to linger.  Place these balls in your closet, in your drawer, or in bowls on your table.  Your house is sure to smell something good!  Maybe you'll even be caught brown-handed!


  1. What a fun project. I haven't made a pomander ball in a long time.

  2. Sounds like the kids had a great time Libby. You always come up with some really great ideas for the kids to learn about certain things. Awesome!!!!


  3. Its great for you to allow the children to experience this. In today's world of buy it off the shelf few people get the pleasure of actually creating something with their own hands. The children will remember this for a lifetime.

  4. I loved seeing what your kiddos are up to. we have colonial days at our school too!

  5. I bet you are the best teacher ever! I want to make that pomander ball too. :-)

  6. Best teacher ever? Nah, just trying to do my part. If you choose to make these pomander balls, you should thoroughly cover the orange with spices. Warning: It could be a prickly situation. :-)

  7. I have never made a pomander, looks like the kids had a lot of fun.


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