Broiled Citrus Tuna with Rice and Steamed Spinach

I was off work today in celebration of Veteran's Day.  After getting some Vanna Yarn on sale at Michael's for a custom order - that polka dotted scarf, I came home and made this dish.

You can always find out more on my other blog.  I thought I would do some serious crafting today but in the end I did some serious napping.  lol  Looks like after I wash my hair, I'll just have time to attach the pom pom onto a hat I finished yesterday.  I'll take pics when I can.  :-)


  1. The tuna looks great! And I love spinach. MMM!!!!

    It was a lazy day here also. Not a lot accomplished other that staying out of the damp chilled air and cuddling with the girls.


  2. Sometimes napping is more appealing than crafting - or always, to me!
    I don't like tuna unless it's canned but... I love steamed spinachs!! :-D

  3. Oh my Libby, this looks so yummy, you are a great cook, I wish you lived closer!

    I just speak with Lucas in Portuguese and Rob in English, so hopefully he'll be bilingual, that's our goal.


  4. The food looks delicious!
    and a good nap-sounds like a superb day (:

  5. This looks delicious! My hubby makes greens a lot here, but we rarely eat fish unless we go out to dinner.

    That must have been very satisfying. (The photo is lovely, too.)


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